Monday, July 13, 2015

The Fun Scale

I am giving raises today, which is fun.

I finally played a decent soccer game, which was fun.

My team got beat, like, really bad. That was not fun.

Anna's baby shower was about as fun as a baby shower can be.

It was really fun to see my cousin and my aunt who were in from Chicago.

It was less fun showing them exactly how bad things are with my grandparents. But important.

Meg and I sat in the sun and watched soccer and ate macaroni and cheese, which is always fun.

I was up for hours and hours in the middle of the night. Not fun. 

I read by Disclaimer by RenĂ©e Knight; if you enjoy the Gone Girl/Girl on a Train type of thriller, you'll think it's a fun read. 

Brady and I are going to Lucy's house for dinner with her and the boys tomorrow night; it should be great fun. 

I wore the wrong type of underwear today. I can barely concentrate I'm so annoyed with this choice. It is the complete opposite of fun.


Sabrina! said...

Added Disclaimer to my Goodreads list! I'm currently reading The Nightingale which takes place in France during WW2... it's really good, but I'll be glad for a change in pace.

JBean said...

Haha giggling at your baby shower and underwear comments! I mistakenly wore wedgie underwear to the vineyard on Sat and had to try to find ways to discreetly pick it all evening! I feel your pain.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I haven't heard of Disclaimer - I will have to check it out! Speaking of books, I was shocked to wake up this morning to a notification from the library that the "Go Set a Watchman" eBook was available for me to download. I was WAY down the list so they must have ordered a ton of copies. Except I was planning on re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird first! #firstworldproblem

I am glad the soccer game you played went ok, even though you didn't win. Hopefully you are getting your strength and stamina back!

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