Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Of Course

For the past week, I have been researching pet insurance for Brady. If I'm going to do it, now is the time; he turns two this week and, as you would expect, it's less expensive to insure a younger dog. 

I'm pretty solidly on the fence about it because (obviously) it doesn't cover pre-existing conditions so it won't likely cover his anxiety meds, which could be a substantial expense, but it could really save my ass (and my credit) if he gets sick or injured.

But I have reservations investing in pet insurance because I feel like it will encourage me to go to extraordinary measures if he gets a rare cancer or something where, really, the more humane decision would probably be to treat his pain and make the end of his life comfortable.

Not exactly what I want to be thinking about but I guess it's responsible pet ownership.

I was researching before I went to bed last night, getting quotes from a few different companies and comparing coverage and still unable to make up my mind if I would even be buying coverage. Insurance is confusing, even for dogs. Making decisions is hard, at least is for me.
Then this morning, Brady wakes up with a goopy eye. It seems he picked up a little something at the dog park. I probably need to take him to the vet. 

So that's probably a subtle sign from the universe. 


bluemoon said...

I highly recommend pet insurance. It wasn't as big of a thing when I had my lab, but in retrospect I would have gladly signed up! Over the course of my lab's almost 14 years, she had two ACL surgeries, food allergies that resulted in specialized food, and some skin issues! This was in addition to just regular vet visits. I spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on her...totally worth it, but ouch, LOL.

The ACL thing is a pretty common occurrence with labs, BTW. In addition to the pet insurance I'd also consider starting her on glucosamine chewable supplements now and forever. They helped my dog so much even though we didn't start them until after she hurt her leg (one first, then the other from the overcompensating during the injury and healing process).

Good luck! :)

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