Monday, July 06, 2015

Happy because I am not

I am not happy to be at work today.

Here is what I am happy about:
  • A recent influx of visitors.
  • That I finally got to spend some time with Lucy's sons this weekend, so hopefully A won't be sending me any ransom notes
  • The Jimmy John's sandwich my grandma brought me for lunch.
  • Brady passing his second obedience class.
  • Lucy starting a new, fancy, perfect-for-her-and-her-family job today.
  • The simple prospect of a few short and simple summer trips.
  • The wrecked, disgusting, gross old boat that I found on Craigslist: perfect for my grandpa to "fix."
  • That I have made some progress with my mom and grandmother in hiring a caregiver to help look after my grandfather. 
  • The birthday present I bought for Meg: the pasta maker attachment for her KitchenAid mixer. (She was equally happy.)
  • Tomorrow night: special nerdy concert time with Lucy!
  • That my cousin Anna's baby shower, and everything about it that is hanging over my head, will be over and done with by this time next week.
  • Early July's significant improvement over an unimpressive June. Can the rest of the month hold out? My fingers are crossed.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I was not even remotely close to being happy about being at work today... I had a terrible case of the Sunday sads last night just thinking about going to work. Bleh.

But things I am loving are that the weather has been pretty darn awesome lately, that my body is tolerating marathon training pretty well so far, and that I don't have any out of town plans anytime soon (I need some quiet weekends at home).

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