Wednesday, July 08, 2015


I pride myself on my ability to pick out a good gift; I mock myself for the hell I put myself through when picking out that good gift.

It is always my goal to give the perfect present even if it's just a little gift. That's why I'm forever buying my best friend Lucy's husband, Chet, these bizarre pickles you can only get at the gas station.

It's also why I keep a constant running list on my phone of potential gifts. If you mention wanting something around me -- something big or something little -- chances are that I am jotting it down.

(And if you're my sister, Meg, chances are that you're running out to buy it for yourself before I can buy it for you. She burns me on that. Regularly.) 

If I don't have any ideas, I'm in a constant state of anxiety as I am brainstorming your gift. The anxiety lifts the moment that I finally come up with a winning idea.

A gift card, unless it's for something really specialized like to a favorite restaurant or somewhere you've mentioned always wanting to try, is not going to cut it.

Not Anna's baby.
Anther exception to my gift card rule: the gift certificate for baby photos that we got for my cousin Anna and her husband. I am so excited to give it to them at her shower on Saturday. Nearly as excited as I am to meet their daughter! 

Currently, I'm mulling over my mom's birthday present. I have until the end of August and I have a few good ideas but nothing that I'm really passionate about and can also afford. But I have plenty of time.

I have also recently tucked away two amazing ideas for gifts based on presents I've received lately.
Lucy sent me a Julep Maven box completely out of the blue as a thank you for watching her dog while she was on vacation with her family. It was something that I would never buy for myself but that I totally love. All that nail polish and some extra products, too! Plus it's packaged adorably. I am totally going to send this to one of my nail polish loving cousins for her birthday.

I was also recently gifted a Starbucks Pour‑Over Iced Coffee Brewer. LOVE IT. So would the coffee lover in your life. It's not a huge kitchen appliance or at all pricey and, yes, you can totally make iced coffee without it but it's still quite handy. My cousin Emma used it when she last visited and she was totally enthralled, so she might need to have one in her life, too. Like, say, maybe come October when she has a birthday.  

Have you given or received any good gifts lately? Please share! I can always use more on my list of ideas. 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I was just talking about gifts with coworkers today because my mom and boyfriend both have birthdays in August and they are both SO tough to shop for. My boyfriend is such a minimalist so he means it when he says he doesn't want anything. I asked him for ideas last night and his suggestions was a ladder.... #boring

Once in a blue moon I come up with a great gift, though. Last year I did a 'you & us' theme for Phil's gift. The you part was a gift card for a round of golf at a really nice course in the area, the us part was a gift card to a new-to-us restaurant, tokens to buy 2 buckets of balls at the driving range (a common date night activity for us) and a framed photo of us.

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