Saturday, July 04, 2015

A Year

One year ago today, I was waking up for the first time in my condo.

I didn't realize it until last night. The fireworks on a nearby lake are always held July 3. Last year, I listened to them while unpacking in my new condo. Yesterday, those fireworks reminded me that it had been a year.

The time passed so quickly!

And, for all of the fights I put up about buying (for those of you who are new: I was not convinced and I was full of angst about the decision for a good four months. There were many tears and dramatic blog posts. It was ugly.), I am very happy here. This probably isn't my forever home, but I don't see that I will be leaving anytime soon.

I settled into a nice routine in the first seven months that I lived here but, when Brady came along, everything got upended. He still can't stay at home by himself without barking up a storm, so I am dropping him off at Mom and Dad's house every morning, going to their house every day at lunch to let him out and picking him up every evening. It works out okay and I am grateful for the help, but I inevitably stay for dinner and to chat and being at their house every day makes me feel like I don't entirely live in mine.

Maybe it's the empty refrigerator.

One of these days, Brady will be settled enough -- and my mom will have progressed in her recovery from knee-replacement surgery enough -- that I will be forced to properly grocery shop and meal plan and act like a grownup.

But that day is not today. So I will eat Mike & Ike candy for breakfast. In celebration.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Congrats on hitting the 1 year mark of home ownership! I'll hit 10 years later this month which is crazy (I had no business buying a place at age 24...). I hope that you guys find a schedule that works for everyone and that allows you to be home a bit more soon!

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