Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Lately, I leave my phone in my car. I turn it on vibrate. I leave it in the other room. I ignore it, purposefully. It feels good.

I was obnoxious with my phone for a minute there. It was around the beginning of The Coach era. I wanted to be available at every second of every day. I kept the ringer up as loud as it would go, I picked the most abrasive text notification tone. I refused to miss a thing.

I was anxious about it. My phone. Missing something. It wasn’t terribly long until I realized that I didn’t want to be That Girl Always On Her Phone. Then Lucy, my best friend, had her first son and was really good about being disconnected. I learned something from witnessing that. I got better.

But not entirely.

I feel like my phone still makes me anxious on occasion. When I’m mindlessly, regularly checking it for a text message that will never come. When I’m scrolling through Facebook when I am stopped at a traffic light or in line at the grocery store simply because I can. When the battery is low and I am faced with considering the horror of a dead phone. When I think that it is lost but really it’s just somewhere in the bottom of whatever giant purse I am lugging around that week.

I am better than I was but I am not where I want to be.

My phone is still too important. The connectivity is something that I still crave. Lately, I am consciously leaving it behind. (Usually when I would rather not.) And this newly strict diet seems to help. I’m learning to disconnect in small doses – a few hours at a time here and there – and care a little bit less.

My life is not and cannot fit onto a 4.7 inch device.

How positively silly that I need to remind myself of that.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

So I tried to give up using my phone during the work day for lent a couple of years ago. And I utterly failed. I am terrible at not checking my phone. I probably check it like every 10 minutes... It's bad. I should find a way to break the habit but I don't feel comfortable leaving it at home in case something major does happen and people can't reach me... but I do need to be better about putting it away during the day!

Danielle said...

I hate being super connected to my phone. Lately, while applying for this job, I've kept my phone with me everywhere I go. I typically have it with me, but don't check it often. I like people watching still. Miles is totally disconnected and it's something I love about him (although it annoys me sometimes when he takes forever to text me back). When I am with him, he isn't checking messages, he doesn't even have a smartphone. I learn to disconnect when I'm with him, and I'm sure once I move there I will learn to do this even more.

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