Monday, June 29, 2015

This Weekend

The Good:
--A baby shower for one of my soccer friends. I don't hang out with many of my teammates off the field and we're in the middle of a team baby boom, so many of them are skipping the season because they're pregnant; it was nice to catch up over brunch and also I won bingo because I am so skilled at the art of the shower.
--Lucy and I made impressive progress towards completing the third season of Orange is the New Black.
--My younger cousin, Paige, graduated from high school. (This is insane to me because she was born when I was in high school.) My parents, with the help of my aunts and uncles, hosted a generous and beautiful graduation party at the beach on Sunday. 
--Brady stayed at Lucy's house during the graduation party and he was a champion. Not only does he get along famously with Lucy's dog, wolf, but Brady was also very good with her boys. 
--While I'm bragging about Brady's good behavior, I should also mention that he is killing it at his new obedience class. I will have to write a whole post about it because this class has been so good for him and he just loves it and I am so pleased.

The Bad:
--My grand return to summer soccer after last year's injury has been dismal. I keep trying to come out of it but, you guys: it's bad. I am sluggish and slow and basically useless. It's not even fun.

The Humiliating: 
--My uncle brought over his new girlfriend to help get ready for Paige's graduation party, right? Well, this girlfriend is new and we all learned about her, like, 30 minutes before her arrival via text message. Awwwwwwwkward. Anyway. She seemed nice and whatever and, as I am a team player, I took a secret picture of her to send to my aunts and my cousins. What? We're curious people. So, I spent an entire day crowing about how I am the ultimate secret picture taker. EXCEPT SHE SAW ME AND TOLD MY UNCLE LATER. I've already started brainstorming how I can improve my game for the next girlfriend he brings around but, um, yeah. I am the creepy niece. Awesome.


JBean said...

Hahaha I'm sorry I am laughing at your picture taking misfortune! That's something that would prob happen to me! And congrats to Brady on making progress in school! Yippee!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I love that you got busted trying to stealthily take a photo of your uncle's girlfriend!! But hey, someone has to do the spying for the family!

Danielle said...

Glad Brady is doing well in his new class, I hope that helps with his anxiety.

I wonder if the uncle will say anything to you about taking the photo. I doubt it, just expect some evil eye your way next time you see him.

A said...

My uncle thought it was funny. Thankfully, my family is straightforward and weird enough that I got called out on it immediately. We will be talking about it for years. So embarrassing.

Bernd said...

I must admit that - as a longtime reader - I'm confused where this uncle crawled out the woodwork ;)

"my family is straightforward" means it's not your mothers brother ("he who shall not be named ... but maybe cursed"). And I vaguely remember a husband of your fathers sister. Or is he more like "an uncle" where you nee a diagram to show how he even fits in the family tree?

A said...

He is a legitimate uncle! My dad's youngest brother who I apparently have not written much about! :)

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