Friday, June 12, 2015


Yesterday, I mailed the invitations to my cousin Anna's baby shower. I am beyond pleased with how the design turned out and I'm excited for guests to received them, which is bizarre considering how much I have bitched about this shower.

The beauty of being the designated invitation girl for this shower was that there wasn't an established theme so, while I did run my idea past my mother and my aunt, I pretty much had free reign. 

Which is how my cousin Anna is accidentally getting a book themed shower even though that's my profession, not hers.

In my defense: my cousins, my sister and I were all raised on a steady diet of these books so it's very much a family thing, not really just all about me. Although I'm a little pissed that I didn't save the idea for my own very hypothetical baby shower.

I bought the invitations from a seller on Etsy (does anyone do anything else these days?) and a bunch of vintage books on eBay to use as decoration.

This week, I knocked out purchasing her present -- a gift certificate for newborn, 6-month and 12-month photos with a talented photographer in the town they're moving to just before the baby is born -- and so all that's left for me to do is wait for the RSVPs to start rolling in.

And attend the damn shower but, whatever. Almost anything can be survived in 3-hour increments, right?


Accidentally Me said...

There is literally nothing that would make me smile more at this very moment than seeing an invitation with The Tawny Scrawny Lion on it!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, that is an awesome shower invitation! And it's perfect for your cousin, even if she doesn't work in the same line of work as you do, because everyone wants to build a library for their new baby! I think you can totally have a variation of this down the road when you have a baby, too. :)

And your gift is also super thoughtful.

Sabrina! said...

That is a great present idea! Wish I'd thought of it for my niece.

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