Monday, June 15, 2015

My Latest and Greatest Idea

I got this really great idea on Friday that Meg and I should go to the south of France next summer and then I emailed her and she was like "well, I've never been to the south of France" and then I checked out a France travel guide and basically planned the entire trip in a few hours.

Just the rough details.

Practically, I shouldn't go ahead with this. I should save longer for a bigger trip (we plan to go to the next World Cup) but also life feels especially short and fragile lately and I might not always have the opportunity to travel with my only sister and also she speaks French which would be handy so why the hell not?

Although I am already nervous about leaving Brady for this hypothetical trip.

We want to see a little soccer while we're there (obviously) but also other things and I would be up for inviting my mom along, though with the current fragile state of things (her knee, my grandfather, work, etc.), I am not entirely sure that she would agree to accompany us on an adventure. It would make for a memorable just-before-you-turn-60 trip, though.

I'm not exactly sure where this idea came from but I'm not mad about it. I could really use a trip to plan (type A all the way!) and something to look forward to.


Sabrina! said...

You'll never regret spending $ on a trip, take it from a girl who's been to more countries than her age in years, and has a hefty student loan debt. And unless you plan to stay at the Bordeaux Ritz Carlton, enjoy that trip guilt-free!

NewNew said...

I really wish I had the type of life (people to regularly travel with) to plan vacations this far in advance. This is one of my dreams for when I start my own family - lovely trips planned in advance.

Accidentally Me said...

You let me know...I got peeps there:-D

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I usually travel to the Caribbean but I want to start traveling to Europe soon, but I worry about the money. But as Sabrina said, I never regret spending the money. Experiences are important.

NewNew, while you may not have anyone to travel with now, maybe you can make a goal to travel by yourself. I am trying to take a trip this year on my own, since my friends are all starting their families.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

OMG - can I come with? ;) That trip sounds amazing. I am sure you can come up with a list of reasons why you shouldn't go but I know that after you've gone, you'll be so glad you did. I never regret the money I spend on travel!!

k said...

Definitely go! You'll never regret travel experiences. Opportunities to travel should never be wasted because you never know what might happen in the future. The South of France is beautiful!! Go!

And NewNew - I agree with the comment above - try solo travel, I love it! Or something like this (it has passed, but there are probably similar type tours out there). This blog also has info on solo travel too.

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