Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Full Steam Ahead

Since deciding to plan a trip with Meg, I feel like I have air in my lungs.

I have spent too much time -- I'm not exactly sure when it started but maybe since I returned from Brazil, or when I injured my knee or over the long winter when I did little more than watch every episode of Scandal -- feeling like I am underwater.

While I have accomplished little more than browsing the possibilities and sketching out dates for this more-than-hypothetical-but-not-a-guarantee trip, it has reinvigorated me.

I was looking ahead and all I saw was a year with more of the same. I will stay in the same job and live in the same house, I will play on the same hockey team and bake the same Christmas cookies and spend my Friday nights with the same people.

Not that there is a thing with any of that -- I like my life, honestly -- but there was nothing notable on the horizon but a half marathon this fall that, with the way things have been going, could very well be more of a struggle than a joy.

Considering the cost of another big trip makes me hyperventilate a little, but I am trying to keep things in perspective. I'm getting a raise in a few weeks. I still don't have cable television. Maybe this will be the catalyst for me to downgrade my gym membership. And it's only money.

Which I'm never going to have much of, anyway. I work in government.

Plus: what the hell, right?

I want to go to France. So I think I'm going to go.

Maybe without even overthinking it.


Sabrina! said...

Pull the trigger. The hardest part is pressing "buy" on the ticket page. Once you get over that hump, it's all fun! I cannot encourage you enough to go.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I ended up planning a big trip to Paris for my 30th birthday because I wanted to do something that would celebrate the fact that I could just go to Paris for a week. I felt like everyone else had all these big life moments they were celebrating (marriage, babies) and my life was largely unchanged so planning that trip was great as it reminded me how lucky I was that I had the flexibility I had.

Happy planning!!!

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