Thursday, June 04, 2015

Another Brady Update

I know you're all dying for an update on my dog, as canine behavior is just the sort of juicy and interesting topic that keeps you coming back to this ol' blog, so let me just get to it. 

Two weeks have passed since I last took Brady to the veterinarian about his anxiety.

She wrote him a prescription for some hardcore anxiety medicine which I will fill if I need it. The vet wanted me to first try an alternative, which is some sort of a derivative of a milk protein and hopefully is a miracle drug. I won't pretend to understand the science behind it but I think it's supposed to make him feel deliriously happy and milk drunk just like when he was a puppy and his belly was full of his mother's milk.

I haven't tested it out on Brady because life right now is utter chaos and the pills are super damn expensive so I would rather wait until we can be really consistent and patient and give him the best shot at succeeding. I'm thinking it will be a couple of weeks until I'm not rushing over to help my mom in the mornings, until a few things settle in at work, until we can get back into a routine.

In the meantime, we're enrolled in another obedience class! Instead of the traditional obedience class that we did this spring, this course is all positive reinforcement based. There are no corrections, which the trainers and I quickly learned broke Brady's very sensitive spirit, just a lot of treats and this magical clicker that supposedly helps capture the dog's good behavior and make him want to repeat it over and over. The trainers seem to think that it will be good for him, so we will give it a try.

Which is exactly how I am approaching my dog parenting as a whole: giving it a try. Guess and test. And a lot of crossing my fingers. 


Katherine said...

The clicker is magic! My dog is very well behaved generally but the one thing we struggled was getting him to come when you called him or even acknowledge you had said his name. He would turn his head away sometimes when you said his name. The clicker was what worked and we still use it from time time to reinforce it. And yes lots of treats! Good luck!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope this new class you are doing is helpful! That sucks that those pills are so darn expensive. I hope this class works so you don't have to resort to buying them!

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