Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thinking about...

  • I left this crab of a post up all week. What a great first impression. Do you like selfish brats? Please, come back and read more! 
  • ...the series on manicures and nail salons that the New York Times ran this week. Did you read it? What did you think? I wasn't a big nail girl anyway, so it's probably easier for me to say that I honestly don't know if I will get my nails done ever again.  
  • ...Brady, who has seemed extra anxious all week. 
  • ...blogging about a select few of Lucy's other friendships (with girls who I am no longer friends with) but I'm afraid it will be as bitchy as the aforementioned crab post.  
  • overdue for a really good vacuuming my house is.  
  • next meal. (Always.)
  • ...a few overdue reports that I am impatiently waiting on. 
  • ...having an intentionally quiet weekend.
  • ...Colin, unfortunately. His house is up for sale and I drive by it every day on my way to work.
  • ...everything I have to do before summer soccer starts in a few weeks. 
  • ...way back when. I drove by Lucy and Chet's first house last night and I've been feeling nostalgic ever since.
  • ...Mom's knee replacement, which is a little over a week away and makes me nervous.
  • ...sneaking out of work a little bit early. It probably won't happen.
  • ...making time to listen to that Serial follow-up podcast. 
  • ...the horse I'm going to bet on in the Preakness Stakes, of course!  


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm thinking I could write the b*tchiest post about how pissed I am about moving and how frustrating it is and how expensive it is and how I might lose my mind if one more person tries to put a positive spin on it because there is no upside whatsoever! :) I'm just a ray of sunshine when it comes to the topic of moving! ;)

Accidentally Me said...

Um...there is something missing from this list that you SHOULD be thinking about, ma'am!!!

JBean said...

I don't think it was crabby! Blogging is a place for you to get it all out and after all the showering I've done over the years I feel similar! I did read the article about the manicurists and it broke my heart. When I was still working a corporate job I would get manicures/pedis occasionally but I always always felt a little uncomfortable about. Now I just don't have the money for them and like you, doubt I'll ever do it again unless it's at a well established (read expensive as hell place) where I know the employees are being paid fairly.

GS said...

WHAT? folluw up broadcast. I'm in!

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