Saturday, May 23, 2015

Master Gardener

I am dogsitting at Lucy and Chet's house for the long weekend.

I don't have anything that I must do. I'm not even Netflix binging. I am not in the middle of a book.

So I am gardening.

Lucy and Chet moved into this house in the fall. It's a beautiful house with landscaping that was clearly once beautiful and, after more than a few years of neglect, is now overwhelmingly overgrown.

Lucy and Chet haven't done a thing with their gardens (not judging: their priorities are elsewhere and I understand) but I have nothing but time on my hands this weekend. And plenty of weeds to keep me busy.

It might be the perfect therapeutic activity for this long weekend. I can be outside with the dogs and keep my hands busy while I am lost in my thoughts. I've been really stuck in my own head lately, but at least gardening gives me something to do while I'm stuck there.


Allison @ With Faith and Grace said...

We were working on our landscaping today as well. We bought our house last year but it was late in the summer so it wasn't really a good time to start planting. We're bought some perennials today and got them going in the yard, and hoping they end up working out. Hopefully someday gardening will be therapeutic instead of nerve-wracking!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think that gardening is really therapeutic, too. It feels so good to something and be able to see the progress you are making! Your friends are lucky that you are doing some weeding for them while they are gone on top of house sitting!

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