Monday, May 04, 2015

Derby Weekend, part 1

It was Thursday night at 9:00 pm. We were driving to Louisville.

Lucy and I stopped for a quick snack. She reached into the back seat to grab her purse and she screamed.


We were two hours from home. And Lucy didn't have her dresses.

I will admit to being partially to blame. When I got to Lucy's house, her stuff was waiting in the driveway. I packed up everything while I waited for her to come outside. (She was sneaking out of the house stealthily so to avoid upsetting her boys.) It's quite likely that if she had put her own suitcase in the car, she would have seen my dresses (which is what jogged her memory two hours late) and we would have avoided the situation all together.

But we did not. It was 9:00 pm on Thursday night and Lucy didn't have her dresses.

"It's okay. We got this. We'll just run to Target." I was (probably annoyingly) positive. It wouldn't be a big deal. Everybody makes mistakes. Plus Target is open until 10:00 pm and there are Target stores,  like, everywhere.

Except where we were, apparently. Which was in the middle of Ohio, somewhere between Findlay and Dayton.

So we just drove straight to the hotel and I just kept telling Lucy about what a big deal this dress situation wouldn't be.

We got up extra early the next morning and we were at Target by 8:05 am. Lucy had tried on at least a dozen dresses, and bought two, by 8:30 am.

Oh, Target, how I love you. I love you and I love that you open at 8:00 am.

Lucy wore one of the dresses right out of the store and we were off to our favorite Louisville bakery, which is next door to our favorite Louivsille coffee shop, right on schedule. We got to Churchill Downs at exactly the time we wanted to, apple fritters and rosemary iced lattes (so unbelievably delicious) in hand and looking, I must admit, rather snazzy.

You never would have guessed that Lucy didn't have an outfit as of 8:00 that morning.

Her dresses even matched her hat. It was the Kentucky Derby miracle.


Anonymous said...

Eeek! It happens. One time I went to Hawaii and forgot to pack sunglasses and a bathing suit. A trip to Walmart fixed all the troubles.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thank God for Target!!! I am always paranoid that I am going to do this so I try to hang my dress by the door so I can't leave without seeing it... because if I went back to my parents for something and didn't have a dress, I would be screwed as there is nothing around them!!

Danielle said...

I've been upset with Target since the Lilly Pulitzer debacle, but I have to agree they are there in a pinch. Still mad though.

What is a rosemary iced latte? Is it coffee, or an herbal infusion rosemary tea? I must know!

A said...

That's why I didn't even try to buy any Lilly Pulitzer! Because I know that I'd be pissed! (Did you get anything?)

A rosemary iced latte is coffee-based. Not so sweet so I am not positive that it was blended with an infused simple syrup. But I am committed to experimenting and I will report my results. Because it's really f'ing good.

Sabrina! said...

Thank goodness for Target having cute clothes. I once landed in a different city for an interview and realized the minute the wheels hit the runway that my interview suit was hanging in my closet.... a 2hour flight away. Thank goodness for TJ Maxx!

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