Tuesday, May 19, 2015

But, first

So, wouldn't you know? 24 hours after publishing this post about my current (lack of) dating meltdown, my cousin Emma calls. She wants to set me up with her girlfriend's roommate.

I got off that call right quick.

Whatever. I am not my best self right now. I will own that.

The next couple of weeks will be busy. It will buy me a little bit of time and distraction and, after that, I will start really thinking about how this is all going to go because I need to do something different.

Like possibly going to therapy and then starting dating.

But first:
  • I am going to get up painfully early to drive Lucy, Chet and the kids to the airport
  • I will take Brady to the vet 
  • I will interview four people and hire one   
  • I will dogsit for Lucy and Chet's pooch over the long weekend
  • I will march in a Memorial Day parade and not enjoy it 
  • I will pick up Lucy, Chet and the kids from the airport in the middle of the damn night
  • I will get Mom through the first few days following her knee replacement
  • I will make huge amounts of food to be consumed (by the entire family) post-op 
  • I will finish a dozen annoying little tasks that have to be completed before the start of summer soccer
  • I will get a better attitude


Anonymous said...

Ugh I hate it when friends want to be picked up/dropped off at airports at crazy hours. There's something called a cab...

A said...

HA! Agreed. It's very inconvenient and I am exhausted. I guess they just thought it was easier with the car seats for the kids or because I'm a known sucker.

Flmgodog said...

You might be a known sucker but you are AWESOME, and they love you, and they knew you would do it because you are a good person!!
Now, get off you bum, get some therapy and get out there!!! You and Brady make a good match right now.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Man you are a good friend to bring your friends to the airport/pick them up at super early/late hours!

You have a lot on your plate right now! I hope you get some downtime this weekend to relax!

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