Monday, April 27, 2015

This Weekend

I made a quiche.
I wore a new shirt.
I packed for Kentucky.
I had waffles.
I caught up on this week's Scandal episode.
I drank a hot toddy.
I plugged away at a humble little home improvement project.
I made an appointment to get my hair cut.
I turned down an invitation from Alexander.
I shopped for baby clothes.
I ate a lot of shortbread.
I watched the Bruce Jenner interview.
I took Brady to the dog park. Twice.
I ate too much at a Brazilian steakhouse.
I meant to blog but never did.
I finally got to the gym.
I took a cooking class.
I went to Tim Horton's.
I did laundry.
I didn't relax much.
I definitely didn't get enough sleep.
Friday night was probably my favorite.
It was a good weekend.


JBean said...

I missed the Bruce Jenner interview. You've got to hand it to Alexander...he's persistent :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you packed a lot into a weekend! I can not believe how persistent Alexander is... It makes me cringe just thinking about the awkwardness of having to keep turning someone down...

This weekend I made a new pasta dish, PR'd at my race, made an apple crisp, learned a new card game called hand and foot, had my first grilled meal of the year at Phil's mom's, and played yahtzee and actually got a yahtzee during the first game, which never happens!

Danielle said...

Is the appointment haircut going to be a dramatic or different cut, a la from a list a while back??

That's a lot in one weekend. I did watch the latest Scandal, I liked it.

A said...

Skipping the dramatic cut this time -- I need to be able to pull my hair back during the summertime for soccer and also for laziness purposes. Nobody got time for a blow dryer in the summer!

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