Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Drama Continues

Since my last post about Brady's separation anxiety he's made a tiny bit of progress. I continue to purchase every product that claims to help with separation anxiety that I can find on the internet. My latest buys include:
  • A new pheromone collar.
  • A pheromone diffuser.
  • Calming chews.
None of which are probably making any difference. It's hard to tell. I leave and he inevitably barks. And it is, like, the saddest and most pathetic howling bark I have ever heard. The sound of it makes me want to sit on my front porch and cry.

I really just want him to be able to stay alone and not be so scared and anxious. It's killing me that I can't communicate (or find the right product to communicate) to him that he is safe and loved and that I'm always going to come back. It's also killing my pocketbook.

I'm just trying to be consistent and to not get too frustrated. I'm trying every suggestion that the trainer at our obedience class has given me. I'm not giving up -- though some days I absolutely want to -- and I regularly remind myself that it takes some dogs an entire year to get settled in a new homes.

This dog is going to be able to stay alone, in his crate, at his home if it kills me.

To practice being in the house by himself, every morning, Brady stays alone for a half-hour. I do the whole routine -- special shirt, Xanax, extra-great toy stuffed with extra-delicious food for distraction/entertainment, radio on, fingers crossed -- and I sneak out of the house.

Let me tell you: you can't get anything done in a half-hour.

I've been frequenting Tim Horton's. I order a coffee, read a few chapters of a book or scroll through Twitter. Or I go to Target and try not to buy anything. I get gas in my car. I run to the bank. Today I stopped by Home Depot (I'm contemplating a kitchen project) and, fact: everyone at Home Depot is extra nice when you're all dressed up for work and looking entirely out of place.

And then I turn around and go back home and rescue my poor pooch from the disgrace of my abandonment, drive him to my mom and dad's house and leave him there for the duration of the workday.

It's a lot of running around for first thing every morning. But whatever. Anything for the end goal.

In other news, I am completely convinced that I am going to meet my next great love interest at the dog park. And that is how Brady will repay me.


JBean said...

Oh I feel so bad for both you and Brady :( I know it's got to be taking an emotional toll on you. I can't stand to see my cats or any animals unhappy. I've never dealt with a pet with separation anxiety or I'd offer you some advice. But I do wonder what in the world his former owners did to him.

Mrs. Architect said...

Poor fella. I'm glad he has you. Not many people would be this patient with him. I'll be praying he gets better with time.

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