Friday, April 10, 2015

A List

Things I would do if I was less scared or didn't need to sleep, a list

Complete that blog update/redesign that I committed to at Thanksgiving
Cut my hair into a bob
Quit Facebook
Learn to be more approachable
Run a marathon
Take a creative writing class
Care a little less
Dye my hair something other than this-used-to-be-my-natural-color blonde
Be more assertive
Watch Downton Abbey
Try out a really time-intensive, commitment-heavy diet
Write something worth publishing 
Remove the people from my life who need removing
Get passionately involved in a cause that I really believe in
Look people in the eye more
Accept less mediocrity
Really give learning to golf a go
Quit my gym
Install a backsplash in my kitchen
Always have a perfect manicure
Knit something that isn't a scarf
Unpack the boxes that have been neglected since I moved 9 months ago



illynew said...

*Complete that blog update/redesign
Quit Facebook (I tried and I've been better about not checking as often or being affected by people's posts - baby steps)
Work up to running 3 miles outside
*Sit down and actually write
Care a little less (about what other's think)
Dye my grays dark blue (I have black hair, so some blue blended in wont' be so noticeable at my corp job. I think you would look amazing with chestnut-colored hair.)
Be less aggressive with my speech
Get back into watching boxing
*Try out eating like a sane person, instead of an out-of-control 6 year old (So. Much. Candy.)
*Get passionately involved in a cause that I really believe in (Me: Literacy? Immigration? Animals? I need to start volunteering!)
(I've had to learn to stop making eye contact with everyone when I'm outside, because guys can be so gross. It's really diminished my quality of life.)
Take a golf lesson - been on my list for years
Quit my gym - I did it two days ago!
*Get blackout curtains for my bedroom that I like (2 years, 5+ purchases and returns)
Always have a perfect manicure (and pedicure)

*The ones that are on my mind the most, especially the eating.

Sabrina! said...

I hope you're not scared of watching Downton Abby :)

Life is a lot to juggle and it's all about prioritizing, right? For instance, I know I should learn more about investing/stock market. Meanwhile, I always have a perfect manicure. My priorities are a bit messed up. :)

JBean said...

Blog redesign, write something worth publishing, and run a full marathon are on my list too! Perfect manicure? That will never happen. I paint my nails possibly 1x/year. Good list and I think you are incredibly capable of every one of these!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow that is quite a list but I bet it motivated to list it all out like that! My list:

- redesign my blog (this is in progress)
- talk to a tax advisor about selling the condo I own that I rent out
- pack and move! (bleh)
- go through my financial documents and shred stuff that is too old to hold onto
- plan a big trip to Europe or Argentina

Danielle said...

Hair grows back. I cut off my mid back length locks to just past my shoulders. Love it. Change it up, pick a weekend to do something new. Some of those things are life long lessons, some of those things are done in an hour.

Heather said...

Hair grows back, and you should always cut toxic people from your life. It helps with the exhaustion.

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