Friday, March 27, 2015

The Homestead

I haven't shared much of what's going on at my house so, let me fill you in on all of the excitement.

Spoiler alert: there isn't actually anything exciting in my Ikea palace. But I have been promising pictures long enough.

I am skipping over my kitchen. I have an underwhelming galley kitchen that feels very apartment-y. Eventually, I should replace or refinish the cabinets and get new counter tops and maybe even knock down a wall so that the kitchen opens up more into the living room.

Here is my tiny little dining area, just off the kitchen. All decorated for...Christmas. Yes, that's when I first took pictures for this post. I am that lazy. You might recognize the rug from when I wrote about it back in January.

Brady the Dog's crate fits perfectly right beneath my table and he loves it under there. When I am in the kitchen, he is chilling in his crate. 

And here's the hallway. I already wrote about the gallery wall but you'll see that I extended it to the little bit of wall past the door. I love it just as much as I did when I finished it in August.

That door on the left is to the second bedroom, which I use as an office and didn't bother to take pictures of.  The bathroom is down the hall on the right and it is much like the kitchen: very standard 1980s construction. There's nothing wrong with it but painting the vanity and replacing the fixtures would do a world of good. It's probably not offensive enough to tear out all of the tile and start fresh unless I get to a place where I am convinced that I will be there for a good long while. Then, yes.

I'm fairly certain that I posted a picture of my room back when I first moved in. It hasn't changed.

Except for Brady the Dog's bed in the corner.

But speaking of 1980s construction: the doors! I feel like the whole place would really benefit from new doors that aren't so blah brown.

Okay, anyway: back down the hallway to the living room. You can see another offensive door there -- that's a coat closet.  

It is fairly boring.

My mom made my pillows. Which match the curtains above the windows in the dining area. Which I didn't take pictures of.

So, there's the tour. Sort of. It's more like a half tour but better than nothing and also now you all know that I don't live in complete squalor. No, it's just your standard condo. Coated in a fine layer of dog hair.


bluemoon said...

I can't get past the crazy cute dog picture! :)

JBean said...

Everything is so perfect and pretty! You decorate so well. If you actually wanted to see squalor come to my apt which features hand-me-down and mismatched everything! Haha

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love seeing photos of people's homes so thanks for sharing! I like that you have wood floors throughout - it really updates the look and feel of the place. I also own an 80s construction condo so I hear you on the wood doors being an eye sore - might are painted white which helps a little bit but not really. What I wanted to do but never got around to doing was to add crown molding but I never got around to it and am glad I didn't now since my condo is unfortunately worth about half of what I paid for it. :( Womp womp.

Danielle said...

Love Brady! Love your gorgeous wood floors too! I think you've added a more modern touch to what you call your older condo. I do agree about the old doors though, perhaps a search on Craigslist for doors? See if you can find some matching nicer ones on the cheap!

GS said...

looks great!
in all of our homes (count 3 that we've owned), the doors have needed some tender loving care. and a couple of wood mantles. we (when i say we i mean the handyman) lacquered them while. well, swiss coffee because white is blinding. ESP with the mantle, it made all the difference.
you can do it!

GS said...

that is White. not While.

A said...

Oooooh! That's a great idea, Danielle. Or maybe Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. That sounds like a really great project ...for my dad. Heh.

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