Sunday, March 08, 2015

Tennis Pro

I wish my body knew a way to deal with tension other than storing it beneath my shoulder blades.

I don't even feel particularly stressed but my body is telling a different story. The knots. Oh, the knots.

If it gets bad enough, I will book a massage but I shouldn't have let it get to this point. I never should let it get to this point. But I do. Approximately once every five months.

Why is it so easy to neglect your own body?

I am in agony.

This is why I made a resolution to go to yoga class this year. So I wouldn't be crippled by this pain. (It probably goes without saying that I haven't taken any yoga classes yet.)  

There's only so much my sister, the physical therapist, can do for me. Especially when I see her once a week in a non-clinical setting. She helps where she can.

I have learned to keep a tennis ball in my desk at work. If I wedge it between me and my chair (or, if I'm really in pain, I'll get up and use the wall for more pressure), it gives the perfect amount of hurts-so-good pressure on whatever knot has me doubled over in pain. My staff are probably pretty curious when they hear me whimpering from the depths of my office.

Almost as curious as my dog. My dog who is currently staring at me and wondering, I suspect, when I will toss him that damn tennis ball instead of rolling it around my back and periodically yelping.


ALYS said...

I also get so much pain in that area!!! Especially since i spend a lot of time 'hunched' at a desk - this is a lifesaver!

To the chagrin of my colleagues, I often have to lie on the floor (first on my back, and then my front) to read or do some marking, because sitting for long periods cripples me!

Accidentally Me said...

Is that a picture of you or a stock photo? If it's you, your hair is so short!!!

A said...

That's a stock photo but I can see why you asked: the hair color is pretty close. I cut mine but not that quite short. Maybe 2" longer. I'm not that brave!

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