Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Not Pregnant

Look what I got in the mail today: an invitation to an event for new and expectant parents!

So, that's a little awkward.

I'm not going to pretend that I understand mass mail marketing and I get that I fit a demographic (has a uterus, is of a certain age) but this invitation isn't even from my health system* and it just feels weird.

And slightly painful because everyone is having babies but me and, yeah, I am aware without a postcard to remind me. It isn't like I don't want babies it's just that I'm not even in a place where I have the luxury of simply considering babies to be in the realm of possibilities for me. It's kind of a slap in the face.

At Christmastime, when I was buying gifts for Lucy's sons and a few other special little people, I was invited to join Amazon Mom. I had logged in to my Amazon account and was buying toys -- toys for toddlers, not for newborns -- and this screen came up that congratulated me for being pregnant, asked me to provide my due date and invited me to join Amazon Mom.

I don't even think that Amazon knows my birth date but apparently my shopping and web surfing habits are very similar to that of a pregnant lady.

I mean, I know I have a strong passion for chocolate but really. Not pregnant. Not even close.

*I suppose if it was from my health system I would be slightly nervous. Do they know something that I don't?


Accidentally Me said...

Congratulations! You'll be such a great Mom:-P!!!

It's the buying habits. Credit card companies use algorithms to try and identify people with approaching or just passes life events. Like, when you bought the condo, you probably (maybe without noticing) started getting furniture ads and stuff. Once you buy like a lot of cleaning supplies and sheets, their analysis throws out "homebuyer" and reacts accordingly. This explains it

But, obviously, the data crunching isn't perfect:-D

JBean said...

Ahhhh I hear ya! I LOVE kids. Have ever since I started babysitting 20 years ago. Everyone I know has kids, except me. Sisters, cousins, BFFs. I love nannying but I wonder all the time when it will be my turn?!
I guess at least the marketers were in the right ball park and didn't send you a postcard for hair plugs or electric scooters for the elderly?!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I feel your pain. I've been on the receiving end of lots of marketing targeted at moms... I guess I buy so many baby gifts and presents for the kids in my life that they must think I'm a mom or something. Not fun to get that reminder in your mail box that you aren't at a life stage that you perhaps thought you might be at by our age....

Heather said...

I am just super glad I am not alone in this "of a demographic but not actually experiencing said life events" boat. Hey, someone pass the sunscreen, please.

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