Monday, March 02, 2015

About Saturday

My parents are on vacation in California. They go every year around this time and, every year around this time, I stay at their house with the dog. This year's twist is that I now have my own dog to join in on the sleepover.

As we tend to do every year while I'm on dog duty, Meg came over for the weekend to keep me company. We watch a lot of television and eat a lot of junky food and go shopping and otherwise completely burn away the weekend being lazy.

It's a good tradition.

This year, Mom's vacation fell during Grandma's birthday. I -- always the one to plan the party -- rallied Meg and our cousin Emma (who is home for her own spring break) and we brought over lunch and presents and a birthday cake. It wasn't anything fancy, but Grandma seemed pleased.

Shortly after arriving home, I received a S.O.S. call from my best friend Lucy's husband, Chet. Everyone at their house was sick with the flu. Lucy had told me as much that morning but apparently things had taken a turn for the worse. Would I mind making a run for supplies? Of course not. I picked up the essentials: Pedialyte and Gatorade and crackers and Lysol and anything else I could think of. $30 and four bags later, I dropped by their house, passed off the goods and made a quick exit.

Thing I do not need: the flu.

Thing I am good at shopping for: the flu.

I'm also pretty good at procuring takeout for Meg and me, which I obviously picked up on my way back home. You can't burn a Saturday night watching Cops and prison shows without proper fuel. 


Danielle said...

Its a good time to be in California.. Well, its actually rainy and kinda cold right now, but better than snow.

JBean said...

Ahhhh! I had the flu ON Christmas. You are right- you def do not want it! But what a nice gal you are to get supplies for the entire sick family. Hopefully you held your breath the entire time you were there and ran out! Haha I kid :)

A said...

Yeah, I didn't even step inside the house. Chet opened the door. I leaned inside, dropped the bags, waved hi to Baby L and sprinted back to my car. Survivalist!

Danielle: I heard this morning that SE MI just had its coldest February in 140some years. The standards are incredibly low.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That was nice of you to make a supply run for your friends - that's really awesome that you are the kind of friend that they can call and know you'll help with something like that. Good call on dropping everything off and departing immediately - the flu is horrid. :(

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