Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Dog Mom Update

Thank you for all of your congratulations on my new dog. I have been meaning to update you guys for days now, but it turns out the transition is a little crazy.

First thing's first: his name is Brady. He is a year and a half old -- born just a few days after Lucy's second son! He's a Lab/Collie mix.

He was surrendered by his previous owners: apparently they were moving and couldn't take him and his brother.

Then he bounced around: my sister was his foster, but then she brought him to Mom and Dad's house and then he had to stay at the house of some lady with the rescue when he was going to get neutered. Whenever he goes someplace new, it seems like he's nervous that he's going to be left there. Which is understandable because, for three weeks, that's kind of what happens.

But he's a nervous creature: he's super sensitive to sound. So far, I've discovered that he is scared of the vacuum, the steam mop, my electric toothbrush, having a toy tossed in his general direction when he isn't expecting it, if I open a cupboard too close to where he is sitting, etc.

He might not really like men, either: or at least he's a little wary of them. How perfect that he was adopted by a woman who is essentially man repellent. It was meant to be!

Just kidding about the man repellent thing: kind of, anyway

A week with Aunt Ellie: to ease the transition, I decided to leave him at Mom and Dad's house (where he could hang out with their dog, Ellie) while I was at work. As far as I know, he hadn't ever been alone alone. That worked out okay. My parents are saints.

Separation anxiety: I tried leaving him home alone for the first time yesterday. I went to the gym for an hour. I came back and he was barking. I hoped that it was just that he heard me pull in but wondered if he had barked the whole time.

FaceTime spying: This morning, I dialed my dad up on FaceTime and left in on while Brady was home alone. Back at Mom and Dad's house, I watched the FaceTime feed with a bit of horror. He alternated between barking and whining. I left it go on for 30 minutes until I gave up and went home.

I'm hoping it's just a phase: because this is new and because he's been shuffled around so much. Bringing him over to Mom and Dad's house is no trouble (I only live a few miles away) but it's not a long-term solution. I'm going to be dogsitting for them in a few weeks, anyway, so maybe we'll keep up the doggy daycare situation until then and I'll keep leaving him for short periods in the meantime. (Sorry, neighbors.) It'll give Brady some more time to get settled and realize that I'm not going to abandon him. I hope.

It's all going to be fine: he's a really sweet and smart dog. I'm just a nervous new dog mom.


Danielle said...

New dogs are hard for a bit, but I'm sure he will adjust. Separation anxiety is a toughie though, good luck!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope that he adjusts to his new home quickly! It's great that he can go to your parents in the mean time, though!

bluemoon said...

It will definitely be a process, but I think that over time once he learns to trust that you're his forever person, he'll relax a bit. :)

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