Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Dog Mom Update #2

Turns out that being a dog mom isn't easy.

Okay, yes, I knew when I started considering adopting Brady the Dog that this wasn't going to be like buying a stuffed animal. And it's been great, it really has, but we are absolutely still adjusting.

What hasn't helped is my schedule. Somehow I adopted a dog just as I launched into the busiest two months I've had in quite some time. Somehow I also adopted a dog who isn't accustomed to being alone. Somehow we're going to figure this out.

I probably don't give enough credit to the routine we've built. I mean, it's only been 2.5 weeks. He knows when he's going to have breakfast and that he's not allowed on the bed and that I'm his human. He knows where his bed is and that I'm going to make him sit before I put on his leash.

In other ways, we're still working through our new relationship. He's still marking when he's at my mom and dad's house, a problem that I think will go away when he's more comfortable but every time I think he's getting more comfortable, he pees just to prove me wrong. The weather sucks so bad and it's keeping me from getting him as much exercise as I would prefer. And, most frustrating, we're still not at the point where I'm comfortable leaving him alone.

Thankfully my parents are awesome and understanding (even of the pee -- they are saints) and Brady the Dog has spent every workday over there since I got him. Plus too many evenings when I was playing hockey or at some meeting or out with Lucy. My schedule is going to need some serious adjustment going forward.

He'll get there. I know he'll get there. He is a sweet, sweet dog. I am lucky to have him.

One day, soon, we're going to figure each other out.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope the weather gets better soon so you can get him outside more! I'm glad you are able to take him to your parents for now as he adjusts to life in your home!

Danielle said...

He is the cutest!!! I hoe he adjusts soon, Labs are pretty easy going like that. I fostered a lab with intention to adopt, but she tried to eat my cat. It was unfortunate because I really felt like she was my dog soul mate. Good luck!

Mo said...

You might want to consider cutting back on extracurriculars for a while and spending some time with him at home. He just wants to spend time with you. You're awesome to have adopted him, now put in the time to let him trust you!

A said...

That's a good point you make, Mo. I'm not leaving him for 18 hours/day, if that's the impression I gave you. But: I have two more weeks of hockey/soccer and then I'm not signed up for anything until later in the spring. So, yes, I'm cutting back. For the dog and for my sanity!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you are crate training him, but I would recommend it, especially if you're afraid he'll get into things when you're not there. I got my dog when she was a year or two and she also did not like to be alone. I worked from home the first two weeks and left her alone for increasingly longer periods. I crated her when I wasn't home and when we slept. She did not like it at first and would whine nonstop when she was in her crate. But she was house trained within a week and after a few months I didn't crate her. 6 years later, she loves her crate and goes in it when she wants a nap or some alone time. It's nice for them to have a little space that is just theirs.

‎Scheherazade (the sarcastic woman) said...

It's a lovely thing you're doing and he's such a cutie! I'm sure he really appreciates your patience!

JBean said...

'One day soon we're going to figure each other out'. This could almost be applied to the Alexander situation too?!

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