Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Anxiety Family

I am anxious today. I can't figure out why. Everything is pretty chill. I'm not feeling worked up about anything. But I also feel a little bit like I'm going to explode.

That probably doesn't make any sense. 

But it's like my head knows that I don't need to be on high alert about anything but my body does not. I'm just sitting in my office, plodding through a normal workday, feeling a little bit like I am on a tight deadline/in the midst of a conflict/otherwise out of control of my situation. 

It's really unpleasant and I do not recommend it. 

Related but not because I'm ganking his pills: Brady the Dog has a prescription for Xanax. He's that anxious. 

His anxiety is likely magnified because he's not quite settled in yet. But I think that the anxiety is just be part of his general demeanor. It's how he was wired. Loud noises bother him. Fast movement startles him. He's nervous. 

Which is okay. There are worse things than an anxious dog who will probably to turn out to be a little-less-anxious dog. 

I just think of it as proof that we're meant to be together. 

He, worrying every time that I leave the room. Me, worrying about him worrying about me leaving the room.


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