Friday, February 27, 2015

Thanks, February

I wouldn't label February a monumentally successful or especially enjoyable month. But earlier this week, I scrolled back to a blog post I wrote last month and, yep: February has definitely been better.

Or it might just be that I'm in a better place.

January was just one long and drawn-out bummer. I was uncharacteristically sad. I was unmotivated. I had nothing in my tank; I spent all of January running on fumes.

Then February came and I started to feel better. Maybe it was just because I didn't have time to feel so sorry for myself. The month kicked off with my attendance at the birth of Heather's son and, later that same day, I officially adopted Brady the Dog. February has been a hectic month and, largely, a good month. I'm getting more exercise. I have more motivation. I don't feel like I'm walking around with a cinder block tied to my ankle.

And I am just so appreciative.

Feeling okay can feel really, really great.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that February was a better month for you. It was a good month for me, too, since it contained my birthday celebrations, a trip to Santa Barbara and some fun get togethers with friends. But the weather was awful and that really wears on me/my mood so I am happy to usher in a new month. Hopefully it contains less bone chilling weather...

Unknown said...

Super glad you are feeling better!

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