Tuesday, February 24, 2015


My nails are currently polished which is a sure sign that my life is feeling a little more under control than it has in the last month or so.

When life gets hectic, painting my nails is the first thing to go. I like to have my nails polished, yes, but the time. First, there's the removal of the last polish. Then the application of the new polish. Then I have to sit around long enough to not trash them? Fuck it. I don't want polished nails that badly. (Nor do I want them painted badly enough to pay to have them done on a regular basis but that's another post for another day.)

The next to go is usually leg shaving because: blonde. Just don't get too close.

When I'm super busy, I also tend to be horrible about bringing food to work. Then I spend time that I don't have running out to procure nourishment. It's a thankless cycle. Plus unhealthy. Plus expensive.

And then there's the act of putting away my laundry. When I have a lot going on, I can manage to do my laundry. I can manage to fold my laundry. Can I get my laundry from the top of my dresser into a drawer? Absolutely not. I cannot spare the four minutes to complete the task.

Confession time: what do you slack on when you're really busy that you're good about otherwise?


bluemoon said...

I definitely slack on the food aspect of my life. I don't get to the store, I don't bring lunches. Awful!

Nails are something I always keep up with it seems LOL. Nails over food? :D

JBean said...

True story: I never ever paint my nails! I feel like this makes me less of a girl?! The thing is it's so much work and they usually end up chipping like a day in so I feel like it's just a big ol waste of my time! Leg shaving in winter?! No need! Haha I'm single. Perhaps this is why. I don't meal plan but I do pack food for work every day. It's just a necessity since I can't really just ditch my kids to go grab lunch! Haha.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well I pretty much never ever paint my nails! It's just not worth the effort for me! I love how it looks on others but it annoys me to have to keep repainting my own nails so they are always naked.

When I get overwhelmed, I start to amass clutter in my living room - mail, shoes, jackets, you name it. Nothing gets put away until looking at it drives me crazy enough that I make the time to organize.

Stace said...

Seche Vite, top coat for nail polish. It. Wil. Change. Your. Life!

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