Sunday, February 01, 2015

No way, no way, no way

Remember Heather? Heather with the awful husband?

Check out the text message I just got. (Awful husband's name edited out.)

This guy gets out of everything. Including labor and delivery.

On my way to the hospital.


JBean said...

First of all, you are an amazing friend to this girl. And secondly I can't believe she is still with this guy? A man who can't handle being there for the birth of his own child and is verbally abusive to his wife?! I don't know how to help women in these situations other than to do what you're doing - being there for them until they make the decision to leave.

‎Scheherazade (the sarcastic woman) said...

Wow!!! A man that won't go support his wife in labour? That is awful!

shannon said...

What? This is crazy. Thank goodness for good friends!

Harper said...

Your friend is married to a mentally and verbally abusive man. Most likely with Narcissistic tendencies. The birth of his child is not about HIM.......therefore he doesn't want to go.

I'm a thriver from this type of abusive behavior and now a motivational speaker on the subject.

Please, please read Your friend is in survival mode with the baby but she needs to eventually listen to the the three video segments on that website.

It will get worse for her. And it is a false myth that you can't help women like her. She knows it deep down. Trust me. You don't have to save her. But reminding her of what "normal" behavior looks like and calling out her husbands bad behavior when he does it makes a BIG difference.

I know most people don't think it helps, but it truly, truly does!! Anything you can do to remind her she is worthy and boost her self esteem is all you have to do. Like I said, you don't have to save her. But ignoring the obvious is definitely NOT the way to help anyone.

Sorry this is so long. It's just my passion to help wake up people enduring this type of abuse!

Love & light!!

A said...

H -- THANK YOU for the suggestions. I have been struggling with how to handle this since the fall (which is sort of the first time that she really came out and admitted how bad it is). I haven't pushed it much because I'm afraid it's going to make her less likely to ask for help when she needs it next time. Because there will be a next time. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter -- this is definitely something I've already read through and will be referring back to because I am not an expert but I also don't want to witness it happen.

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