Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking Forward

Last weekend, I mustered up the nerve necessary to buy myself a Valentine's Day present that I had been eying since the beginning of the year: an entry in a half-marathon.

Romantic, right? But who else was going to give me the Valentine's gift of 13.1 miles through my favorite city? Treat yo self. 

I am excited. It's easy to be excited now, nearly eight months before the race. Sure, my knee is still wonky. Sure, I'm not running at all* at the moment. Sure, there will be posts where I moan about my lack of training (insert Jessie Spano here: "No time! There's never any time!") and the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect new outfit for that brisk October morning.

But it's going to be fun.

It's going to be so fun, you guys. 

Sorry about being an Obnoxious Running Enthusiast, but I seriously can't help myself. I am fired up to run this race. In eight months. (You'll notice that I'm not clamoring to register for any races before then.)

Last summer's knee injury took plenty from me (mostly my money, my trust in the American healthcare system and my fitness level), but it did give me something: appreciation. Sitting out last year gives me a whole new appreciation for what I can do. And hopefully some appreciation for what I can't do, too. I'm not gunning for a PR. But finishing the race? Finishing I can do.

*Exercise lately: stepper, rower, soccer, hockey. And the steam room. The steam room is at the gym so it totally counts.


JBean said...

Yippee!!! I know how wonderful the anticipation of a race is! I have no doubt you'll be race ready in 8 months. You got this! Also yes steam room counts. Think of all the pounds you're sweating off!

bluemoon said...

This is awesome, good for you! :) Good luck in your preparation!

Danielle said...

Not to be a mom about it, but I hope you are keeping up with your PT routine exercises!! Strengthen those legs and you'll be good for running all the marathons (within reason).

Its exciting to get back into things after being on a break, no matter how long or how short!

‎Scheherazade (the sarcastic woman) said...

That's amazing and you can do this! Running is addictive, so being away from it can be problematic, but sounds like you're setting yourself an achievable target!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I totally get how your injury has given you a new appreciation for running and the ability to be active. That's what 2013 taught me as well as I spent most of it injured/dealing with RA. I thought I'd never run again so it was awesome to have such a great year of running last year and I definitely complained WAY LESS than I did before because I was just so dang happy to be back at it!

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