Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bills, bills, bills

Throughout my adult life, I have been relatively healthy while also being covered by relatively decent health insurance. I am extremely thankful for that.

I will be the first to admit that I was entirely ignorant to the true hassle that is a pile of medical bills.

No longer, my friends. No longer.

When I tore a ligament in my knee in July and spent the remainder of the summer and into the fall going to appointments and getting physical therapy and having MRIs, I knew that I was in for a slew of medical bills. I had low expectations for the whole process and, still, it has been way worse than I expected.

And way slower. I still haven't paid a damn cent towards this injury and it sure as shit isn't because I won't be. It's because every bill I've been sent has needed to be revised. At least once.

I am fortunate enough to be insured by three companies, which is great because: hell yeah, I want you to pay for my treatment but exhausting in that: "hi, it looks like maybe you only billed one of the three companies you were supposed to?" is a very, very regular phone conversation that I'm having. Not to mention the periodic phone calls to those three insurance companies. They don't get anything right, either. 

How do legitimately ill people deal with this? Seriously. I can't handle my bills and my explanation of benefits and calling each of my insurance companies and all I'm dealing with is a sore knee. And a bad attitude. A totally justified bad attitude. Because this is the worst.


Elliott said...

Canada...you're so close...

Mom had major heart surgery last month...like 8 hour major surgery. She is starting physio this week. Number of bills she has recieved? Not a single one. Number of bills she is expecting? Not a single one.

I've had multiple surgeries, lost track of the number of stitches, and have no idea the number of doctor visits I've had in my life and have never seen a single bill.

We Canadians are truly lucky in that regard.

Gloria Johnson said...

Believe me it is no mistake that your insurance companies are unable to correctly handle any of your bills. They instruct their claim handlers to look for any reason not to pay. It is only by being vigilent and calling that anything will get paid. The insurance company love when people can't figure things out and just pay it themselves. Keep up the good work!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, dealing with medical bills is such a pain. I had 2 expensive years between a sinus surgery and then all of my health problems last year. And then I had to change insurance carriers when I moved to Charlotte and that was such an awful experience as my medical provider didn't bill my insurance company before they transferred my coverage to the new company and my old insurance company wouldn't pay the bill and my new one wouldn't either. I called and talked to so many different people and so many supervisor and it was useless. In the end, I had to pay it out of pocket which PISSED ME OFF. So yah... I feel your pain...

boardgurl said...

When I hear such stories I am truly grateful that I live in a country that doesn't require me to present a credit card or insurance for treatment. Understandably Canadian's DO pay for it via taxes etc. but I appreciate not ever having to see a bill.

Sabrina! said...

Imagine if English weren't your first language :/ I also find insurance so confusing, and now I'm dealing with COBRA. I can't help but sympathize with people who have no clue what "deductible" and "co-pay" mean.

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