Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, List Style

 1. I submitted the application to adopt Meg's foster dog.
 2. I am fairly paranoid about my adoption application being rejected. The rescue told Meg that someone else had expressed interest in him. I don't have a yard. Maybe I answered some of the questions wrong. I don't know.
 3. Due to a bout of bronchitis going around their house, I didn't see Lucy and her brood this weekend. That's very unusual.
 4. What I did see was Kinky Boots at the theater with my mom and my sister; Meg and I bought Mom the tickets for Christmas. The Motown the Musical tickets we got her for her birthday were a hit; it's been fun to give her experience gifts rather than material gifts.
 5. I am so cultured and refined that I'll be back at the theater in a few weeks to see Once with Lucy.  
 6. Also: Meg and I saw Sam Smith on Thursday night.
 7. I ordered a pair of summer concert tickets for me and Lucy, too. 
 8. Please remind me never to add up what I spend on event tickets over the course of a year.
 9. I am reading Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay.
10. The maybe-thing with Alexander jumped the shark. I'm secretly a little relieved.
11. I kept the rug. It's far enough from the dining room rug that it isn't glaringly obvious that I bought it thinking they were a perfect match.
12. I am wearing a new dress.
14. I have been thinking that it's time to change my hair. This is mostly because it always looks like a hot mess.
15. I am going to get to the gym at lunchtime if it kills me.   

Your turn, boys and girls. Tell me about what's been going on with you. Theater trips? Rug shopping? Spill!


D said...

Where were the skates hiding?

A said...

Oh, only the closet at my mom and dad's house where:
a. I have every other pair of my figure skates stored.
b. I looked 10 TIMES. (In my defense, they were inside one of those big Rubbermaid bins.)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Good call on keeping the rug. Since they aren't right next to each other it will looks like you intentionally tried to coordinate them. :) Good luck with the dog adoption process! And yea for finding your skates!!

Addy said...

Yay for finding skates!

I hope it all works out with the dog. He's such a cutie.

Let's see, my Monday:
1. Got a random job offer, which I turned down.
2. Got asked out on my first date in something like six years. (about which I have mixed feelings but am going anyhow)
3. Finished reading Mr. Churchill's Secretary, which I do not recommend. (I was thinking spies and codebreaking sounded awesome, but in reality it tried to be too historically accurate in the setting but was so far off in the characterization as to be unbelievable.
4. Took my nephew's Flat Stanley project to work with me today and had fun taking pictures all around the state capitol.
5. Realized that I need to make an effort to turn the TV OFF after I finish the show I intend to watch so I don't get sucked into shows like Alaskan Bush People because I am too lazy to walk across the room and switch it off. (Just don't.)

JBean said...

Different rooms, different rugs - you're golden! I liked how they looked together anyway! When I finally cut my hair last months after over 2 years I felt like a new beautiful version of myself. I say go for it! Currently eating muffins upon muffins over here since I made 2 dozen and have no roommates HAHA

A said...

Congrats on the random job offer (flattering to get an offer?) and the date, Addy! Jill, I hope you and your muffins are safe and sound despite the rotten weather!

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