Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Memory Game

Over the weekend, I went rug shopping with Meg and our mom. We were shopping for Meg's house but that didn't keep me from looking for myself. Never does!

I was just browsing, passing the time, waiting to give my opinion on Meg's shortlist of choices. I wasn't even looking for a rug for my kitchen. I have a rug for my kitchen; it's fine.

But what my kitchen rug is not is a perfect match for my dining room rug. What I found was the perfect match for my dining room rug. Same pattern. Same colors. At a completely different store. What luck! I showed it to Mom and Meg, making all sorts of joyful exclamations about the positive turn of events.

While I'm not that matchy-matchy when it comes to decorating, it seemed silly to turn my nose up at the good fortune. Mom told me to get it. Meg told me to get it. It was a sign. I bought it. I brought it home. I dropped it down right next to the matching rug.

The perfectly matching rug.

Or not so matching.

Definitely not the same rug.

I'm a moron.

I might keep it anyway.


Accidentally Me said...

I find that kinda hilarious:-) I do that all the time...I see something that I am convinced is the same size, color of pattern as something...rugs, furniture, clothes, whatever, and then wonder how I could have mis-remembered the one I own so badly!

JBean said...

Haha hexagons/squares, same thing! But the colors are exactly the same. I think it hints that you are a more artistic rather than mathematic person :)

Anonymous said...

I like it, though! I have a rug problem. I was shopping for some just yesterday on ebay/Urban Outfitters. Do I need one? No. Do I love them? Yes. :)

Kelly said...

It's great! It's matchy, but not? Lots o' visual interest in any case.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I would have thought it was matching, too, as those patterns are similar and it's crazy that it's basically the same color!

ALYS said...

This made me smile, as it sounds like a mistake I would make. However, on the positive side, they're so similar and I think you could pass it off and say that you deliberately chose them like that to catch your visitors unaware - a test of their wits! ;-)

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