Thursday, January 15, 2015

Many Questions

Have you filled out my super high tech mailing list form so that I can update you on the future of my blog and/or send you long and repetitive emails about my feelings? Please do!

Did you watch Showtime's The Affair? Was it the greatest thing ever? I want to try it but I'm afraid the subject matter will hit too close to home. (Thanks, Dad!) Admittedly, I cringed every time I saw a commercial during my Homeland binge.

Have you read anything good lately?
I am reading We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas. It is too early for the L-word, but like it very much.

How insane would it be for me to go out with Alexander? I got a "I really want to take you on a date" text message from him yesterday. I feel weird about being so much older than him. I feel weird about his not-really-anything-but-isn't-that-still-something attempts at -- whatever -- with my sister. I feel weird because I'm friends with his mom. I just feel weird.

Are you sick? I am. Just a cold. I was overdue for catching some sort of a bug; I do work in a public building, after all.

What's up for the weekend? I'm thinking about sneaking out early tomorrow and starting mine early with an afternoon showing of Wild.


Danielle said...

I watched the first episode of The Affair and I thought it was boring.

I started reading Wild, and I want to finish it before I see the movie. However, I've heard its a really good movie, so there's that.

Not sure about the guy, if the age difference and his lack of "serious" interest is anything to factor, you can go out and just have fun, or not waste your time. Either choice is good.

Heather said...

If you feel weird, don't do it.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We are Not Ourselves is on my TBR list! Are you on goodreads? If so we should be friends! I'd love to see what you are reading on a regular basis (in a non-stalker way). Right now I am reading The Purple Hibiscus which I am loving but also finding to be so heavy and sad.

Addy said...

The Affair was uninteresting. I'm debating giving one more episode a try, but I think at that point I might actually care how it ends and get sucked into watching all of them anyway. (I'm just like that. I always finish books even if I don't like them.).

I'm reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. So far it is very good, but I'm only about 1/3 of the way through.

The Alexander situation is definitely awkward. I remember back a few years a go you commented that he seemed really interested but only when it was convenient for him. I could very well be missing lots of context. Personally I'd skip it. Can see why you might want to go, though.

ALYS said...

I want to see 'Wild', it looks good. Haven't heard about the 'Affair' so there's something new for me to look into!

As for Alexander, is the age gap that vast? If you feel weird, then don't do it, I guess it's your gut instinct saying 'No'.

Hope you get well soon!

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