Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Resolution Time

In 2014, I set an intention rather than a resolution and doing so served me well. As far as enriching my entire life goes, I think that's the way to go. Focus on the positive -- something that you want to add to your life -- not the negative behavior that you want to eliminate.

I intend on setting another intention this year (and writing a proper wrap up of last year's). All in due time, my friends. It's only January 12. What's the rush?

But I'm going to make a few resolutions, too. Sure, resolutions generally don't work and maybe I'm just setting myself up to fail. But still. I do like a resolution. I thrive with a goal and a plan. And it just so happens to be the new year and I just so happen to be in desperate need of getting a workout routine back in order.

Rather than run with an outrageously audacious resolution (as I have absolutely done in the past), I'm going with two reasonable resolutions.

Take 20 yoga classes. Yoga does a lot for me, mentally and physically, and it's always the first workout that I eliminate when I get busy. I want to make it a priority in 2015.

Make 50 lunchtime gym trips. Basically, this is me committing to one additional, easy, workout per week. My lunchtime gym trips are low key. I don't even bother putting on a sports bra. It's 45 minutes on the recumbent bike. It's a few hundred calories that I wouldn't have burned otherwise. It's time away from my desk to read a few chapters of whatever book I'm reading. It's a good reason to keep my horrendously expensive gym membership, as my horrendously expensive gym is just a mile from work. It is essentially nothing yet I can't seem to make it a priority (maybe the relative ease is why I don't make it a priority).

The long runs and the substantial workouts can be saved for after work. But there is really no reason that I shouldn't be active at lunchtime, too. I believe that the little things are what make or break your health and fitness, and this is a really little thing. I hope that, by making it a resolution, I can make it a routine.

We're almost halfway through the month so I imagine that most of you are well into resolution season. What's your resolution? Or is it an intention? How is is going so far?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Going to 20 yoga classes is a good goal. I have been trying to get back into going once a week. The studio I go to is so conveniently located and the classes are so so awesome but it's kind of spendy... but I need to keep going as it's a good investment in my well-being.

I set 6 goals for myself in 2015 and I've made progress towards some of them (but not the one about figuring out my sleep issues...). One goal I am trying to get through during the winter months is my organizational/purging project list as I know I won't want to work on stuff like that when it's nice outside!

A said...

Good call, Lisa. Get the boring stuff out of the way so you're all organized and streamlined by the time the sun shines in the Midwest once again.

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