Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dog Drama

Oh, you guys. I am in deep now and I am afraid I am going to have my heart broken.

Due to some unforeseen work she needed done in her house, Meg had to drop off her dog and My Dog (that being the foster dog who I am interested in adopting) off at my mom and dad's house for the last two days.

At my mother's request, I went to her house to let the dogs out on my lunch hour yesterday. At Meg's request, I dropped the dogs off to her this morning.

My Dog was clearly scared and confused to be leaving again. He's been shuffled around too much. He was separated from his brother dog when his previous family surrendered them. He was leaving Mom and Dad's dog behind. He's going to be separated from Meg's dog later today, when he's brought to the vet to be neutered. The poor guy just doesn't know what's going on. He doesn't know what to expect. I am so sad for him.

And so my attempt to keep a respectful distance from My Dog, to keep myself from getting too attached, has failed. Miserably.

The adoption is far from being a sure thing.

Despite the dog not being officially put up for adoption yet and listed on the rescue's website, supposedly the rescue has other interest in My Dog.

I submitted my application on Friday and I have a "home visit" scheduled for tomorrow, but apparently some pre-approved family gets to meet with My Dog on Sunday and decide if they would like to pursue adoption.

Meg, my sister, is like "OH HELL NO. IF THEY AREN'T GOING TO LET A FOSTER'S FAMILY GET FIRST DIBS, THEY CAN FIND A NEW VOLUNTEER FOSTER." As though she'll be able to force them to pick me over the other families.

I don't know that is how it works. Meg isn't used to not getting her way. But I...well. Things don't usually happen for me on the first try.

This has the potential to turn into a shit situation. My Dog may not be my dog.

I do not like this.


JBean said...

Ok I will send good vibes your way that it works out! How did the other family get an appt before you did?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh no, I hope the dog is on her worst behavior when the other family meets her so she can be officially yours! How nerve wracking!!

ALYS said...

That sounds awful, especially when you're building a lovely rapport with your dog and equally he with you! Surely that must count for something? Fingers crossed for you!

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