Saturday, January 03, 2015


A college friend of Lucy's died yesterday. 

I knew her, not well, but from all of Lucy's Big Life Events. She was a fun person to be around. She had a big personality and a big heart. I know exactly why she and Lucy became friends. 

She was a year younger than us -- 31 -- and she was married and had three kids. The youngest was born this summer and, shortly thereafter, she found out that she had leukemia. 

She did chemotherapy. She had a (failed) stem cell transplant. She died five months later.

Lucy was called to be at the hospital when they took her off of the ventilator. 

Lucy is okay. I think. She is acting the stoic therapist that she is; I hope that she will take a step away from the professional so that she can acknowledge what this is: bullshit. Those kids don't have a mom and there's nothing okay about it. It's unfair.   

Lucy wouldn't let me babysit the boys for her yesterday (she had been at the hospital all night and presumably exhausted). She isn't always very good about asking for help. But I'm bringing dinner tonight and we can talk about what crap this is.

Because it is. It is complete crap. 

Fuck you, leukemia. 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh that is so awful. :( Life is so incredibly unfair sometimes. I hope that Lucy lets you help - I think it's good that you are showing up and doing things like bringing her dinner instead of waiting for her to ask for help... I feel so awful for the family of her friend, especially her husband. It would be so incredibly difficult to deal with the grief of losing your spouse on top of caring for 3 young kids... I have a college friend in the same position as she lost her husband to liver cancer in November and she had 3 young kids - one is a baby that was born in September. :(

Sabrina! said...

That is just so, so tragic. My heart goes out to her children. I won't sugar coat it, it's just really f*cking unfair. I'm sorry.

GS said...

Perhaps she wanted told hold her babies close knowing that her friend was no longer able to do the same. Even through exhaustion there is this unmistakable need to hold your babies, your family, etc. closer than ever before. Because if you are with them, if you can see and hold them, then you can protect them.

Danielle said...

So sorry to hear about this. It just goes to show that you never know what's down the road and to cherish every day you wake up healthy and alive. I sound like a Pinterest meme, but its true.

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