Friday, January 09, 2015

An Observation

Lately, I've been really good at feeling sorry for myself. Really.

The knee injury. The bummer that was autumn. Cold weather. My hair. Unproductive hobbies. When was the last time I was unquestionably happy? When I was in Brazil? That was in June. 

I need to do something differently.

I want to plan a trip. I need to go somewhere. I need to see something.

I need to get out of my head. I need to do something that isn't selfish. I need to stop with the pity.

These aren't my resolutions. But maybe they're a guideline for my resolutions. Whenever it is that I get around to making them.

I'm shooting for April.


Lynn said...

Yes! Plan a trip. That always helps me. I'm planning one to Iceland now.

JBean said...

Aww I wish I could make you feel better but we all go through periods like this. I think a trip is a good idea. In the meantime just try doing things you really enjoy do. I think winter has something to do with it too. This weather is total CRAP!

Heather said...

I am presently planning Dublin/London/Glasgow, but for fall. You are welcome to join. You are also welcome in Boston any time. I love showing people my city.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

PLAN A TRIP! I've been in yours in the past, especially when I was close to turning 30. I was feeling depressed about the state of my life and where i was at compared to others so I decided to do something that celebrated the freedoms I had and that something was going to Paris. Granted that was a huge trip (but I planned and saved for it for like 8 months). But it was the best thing I did. You could do something on a much smaller scale, like Chicago even. Plus the winter weather DOES NOT help as it's so dark and dreary and cold and none of us have much motivation these days (at least I don't).

Hang in there friend.

Ashlee said...

Come to Savannah! You've got a free place to stay here!

A said...

Wheeee! I am coming to visit or going on a vacation (or both) with ALL OF YOU! Alyson's great blogger tour of 2015. I'll let you know when to expect me. :)

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