Monday, January 05, 2015

A Little Late

Do you guys remember that first date I went on at the beginning of September? I thought that the guy was decent and I had a good time and I was surprised when I never heard from him.

I didn't dwell much on it or him but there were a few gloomy days there where I couldn't help but wonder what, exactly, was wrong with me.

(Clarification: there are many days where I wonder what exactly is wrong with me but this was in relation to that particular dude.)

But he got deleted out of my phone and out of my head shortly thereafter. I can take a hint.

Then he texted me on Friday night. FOUR MONTHS LATER. To wish me a happy new year.

Okay. That's nice or ...something. But why? Why text on a random Friday night? Why text a happy new year greeting when it's January 2? Why haven't you forgotten about me entirely? Why do you care if my new year is happy? Why haven't you deleted my phone number?

I verified that the text message was from who I thought it was from (like I said, I had deleted his number but I found it in a screen shot that I had emailed to a friend) and turned off my phone for the night. Like I'm going to get all wound up over a guy who is clearly not interested.

I considered just ignoring it entirely but I was too curious. I replied on Saturday morning. And not even with anything bitchy. (Oh, I had so many bitchy responses that would have been so fun to peck out on my phone.)

I heard back from him a few times that day. It felt mostly like I was sending text messages to confirm that I would, indeed, return his text messages. Meaningless pleasantries. I have deeper conversations with my dental hygienist with both of her hands and a dental tool shoved in my mouth.

Maybe he just needed an ego boost. Maybe it was just a test. Maybe it was a booty call that was ruined by my delayed response.

My no. 1 resource on boys thinks that he inadvertently texted the wrong person.

She's probably right.

I should have called him out on it.

Or on his four-month absence.

Or both.

If only I cared enough to do so.


Kelly p said...

Another scenario - when someone is online dating they might have a lot of balls up in the air at once so if something is progressing with one girl, they might have to lay off of girl, even if there is nothing wrong with it her but maybe that first girl didn't work out so the he remembers the other girl... OK, so you could totally react like ,if he didn't want me then, I don't want me now, but at the same time I think it is a scenario that is inevitable with online dating. Now granted, he should have been cool and said something before just going MIA (but again, whole situation is a bit awkward). So I'd say that if he is potentially of interest, go along with it. I don't think he could text the wrong girl bc he likely didn't delete past texts so he would see the past convos still.

Kelly p said...

Ignore my typos, commenting from iPhone.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is odd... I never understand how people can just pop up out of no where. One time I hadn't heard from a guy in a long time and then he sent me an email asking me if I'd like to go up north to go ice fishing... this was after we had a conversation about how he wasn't ready for a relationship and that I did not want to hear from him again because I had enough friends in my life. He messaged me again months later with some other random text so he earned the nickname "whack-a-mole" because he just kept popping up.

Danielle said...

I'm so over these kinda guys, but I think Kelly could be right. However, not cool to just disappear bcs you are dating another and are too chicken shit to let someone know.

JBean said...

Oh you are much nicer than I! When I get these random texts weeks or months later I always completely ignore them! I once went on 2 dates with a guy which were both flops (I gave him a 2nd chance after the first flop, huge mistake!). Weeks later after I had deleted his number and forgotten about him he texted me to go out again. Yep that was a NO response!

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