Monday, December 15, 2014

Skating lesson

The highlight of my weekend was taking my friend Heather's daughter skating. She's a tiny little elf of a not-quite three year-old and she's been hellbent on learning how to skate since seeing the ice skating episode of Peppa Pig.

Heather deferred to me because she's pregnant and I'm a former skating coach. We've been planning the outing for a few weeks.

My protégé was quite the little trooper. I expected her to last 20 minutes. We skated for an hour and a half. I got her marching around a bit on her own -- she insisted that I yell "yaaaaaaaaay!" when she did -- but she loved when I pushed her around fast or carried her as I skated, too.

I am not in coaching shape, you guys. While in college, I was on the ice for 20 hours a week. 90 minutes of picking up and pushing around Heather's daughter nearly killed me. Back knots on knots on knots.

But totally worth it.

While preparing to get ready for Sunday's skating lesson, I discovered that my skates are missing. My ridiculously expensive, custom figure skates. I suspect that they didn't make it off of the moving truck in July and I am devastated.

They weren't my only figure skates (not to mention the two pair of hockey skates that I also own); the pair I wore were perfectly fine for coaching and tooling around in a circle but they were never quite the right pair for jumping and spinning. I retired them down to coaching skates pretty quickly. I'm glad I kept them around.

I didn't have any plans to get back into competitive figure skating anytime soon but this all but guarantees that I won't be getting back into competitive figure skating ever again.

I keep hoping that the duffel bag that they were stored in will turn up but I've all but dismantled my condo and my bedroom at my mom and dad's house with no luck. Liz couldn't find them at her house and, ugh, I hope they turn up eventually.

Even if I never skate again, I hope I find those damn skates. I hope it's soon. I am driving myself insane looking for them.

And I promised Heather's daughter that I'd take her skating again after Christmas. 


Accidentally Me said...

OMG...that is so cute that it hurts to look at!

And a shout out to having the butt to wear tights, too:-)

JBean said...

Oh that is so cute! I didn't know you were such a talented figure skater! I've taken my nieces and nephews ice skating several times over past Christmases and it's always a good time. Especially because little kids don't care if they fall. They just get right back up again!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, this is so sweet! I wish I was good at skating. We skated a lot as kids but I never took lessons so I am not very good. What a fun activity to do with your friend's daughter. And what a huge bummer about losing your skates - I hope they turn up somewhere. I am sure it's going to gnaw away at you until you find them (stuff like that is impossible for me to let go of!)

ALYS said...

You look amazing!!! I have to say, I'm so jealous of the fact that you can ice-skate (even if you say you're not in shape for coaching!) I wish I looked half as graceful when I skate (and manage to stay upright for more than 10mins!)

Danielle said...

She looks so excited to be on the ice!! What a rewarding little activity! Hopefully the skates turn up soon, can you call the moving company maybe?

A said...

You guys are so sweet. Complimentary skating lessons to anyone who wants 'em!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh you make me miss skating A LOT!

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