Monday, December 08, 2014


As I told you all last week, I have decided to keep my blog up and open through December 31. I still haven't decided anything beyond that.

I have options. It's nice to have options.

1. Turn my blog private. It's the easiest option. If you want to keep reading, you send me your email address and I forward you an invitation to read and we continue on as if nothing ever happened. Except that I lose that element where someone spontaneously stumbles across the blog and leaves a comment and then I start reading her blog and leaving comments and that's at least half of the fun of keeping a blog. Possibly 65%.   

2. Migrate over to WordPress. This would give me the option of making certain posts password protected without keeping the whole damn blog under lock and key. It would be open to new random readers while I could password protect important posts, restricting them to trusted, longtime readers. Important stuff, pictures, polls about the dress I should wear to the Kentucky Derby. (Again.) It would be a lot of upfront work but it probably wouldn't kill me.    

3. Start over. Brand new blog, brand new name, brand new appreciation for keeping certain things (like where I live and what I do and what my face looks like) quiet. Pro: I shed 10 years of history. Con: I shed 10 years of history. 

4. Quit entirely. I thought that was the only option that I wouldn't truly consider but it isn't. Not really blogging over the last 10 days has come easier than I thought it would. Maybe it's time to move on.

5. Give no fucks and stay the course. This is tempting, as it would require the least amount (read: no) work and I am generally a lazy person. But, considering that I'm working in a moderately public position that, if I stay in this industry, would likely become more public as I advance, I should do something. Having a stranger out my blog to my sister was one thing, getting called out in a public meeting about it would be something else entirely.

So, that's where I am. Lost in indecision.

I do plan on resuming somewhat normal* blogging shortly, but Christmas shopping and watching countless episodes of Scandal does not an interesting blog make.

*Normal for me. Not normal normal. 


Flmgodog said...

Option 1 or 2? You CANNOT quit! This is totally a situation of pot meet kettle here. I took my blog PWP and then totally stopped blogging after my family found it. I also had said some PRETTY harsh things about one of my siblings. OOOPPPS.
You cannot quit blogging, pretty please :)

Danielle said...

I say number 5, but that's me.

Also, Scandal watching should take precedence over everything. So, I pose this question:

What does your gut tell you?

If you don't get it, you are not watching enough Scandal.

gloriason said...

Anything but #4 please. I love your blog and your honesty and what a good person you are.

ALYS said...

I agree with Danielle - option number 5, you shouldn't have to apologise for writing what you feel or self-censor!

Sabrina! said...

I vote #5 too. Even though the idea of being "discovered" scares me, so far it looks like Meg hasn't actually read it, has she? You could just go back and hide old posts that are more scandalous/incriminating.

ebemis said...

i've been a reader for many years, and pretty much never comment, but chiming in to say I hope you don't give up blogging! you're a joy to read!

Katherine said...

Please do not quit. I had a blog way back when and did make it private for a period of time - its easy to manage but I understand why that does not appeal to you. I go with the suggestion of 2 or 5 but please don't stop!

Mandy said...

I'm not sure if I've ever commented before, but I've been reading your blog for at least 2 years now! Your blog is often the highlight of my work day!
I think you should do whatever makes you feel best, but I really hope it's #5!!

Shannon said...

You're right, going private eliminates the spontaneous interactions that makes blogging so great. It's why I haven't privatized. It's also why I haven't quit despite the blogging landscape changing entirely, and despite the fact that so many of my favorite bloggers have quit, and despite the fact that I don't write nearly as much as I used to (and mostly about my child these days). But I've created some amazing friendships and met incredible people through blogging, and I just can't give it up. I hope you won't either. I hope you'll find a way to make it work for you. But regardless of your decision, I hope you'll let us know and not just disappear one day!

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