Monday, December 22, 2014

I've been handled

I would tell you that I am not a television person but somehow I managed to start, and catch up on, the entirety of Scandal between Thanksgiving and this weekend (3.5 seasons) so perhaps I am mistaken. Maybe I really am a television person.

Or I am just a little obsessive. (I think you could make that case.)

Or I've just been a little blue. (I think you could make that case, too.)

I have read exactly zero books during that period of time. The amount of gym time that I have logged has been equally pathetic. I haven't had much going in terms of projects or the ridiculous business that sometimes invades my life.

I just haven't been much into anything since Thanksgiving. (Remember what happened on Thanksgiving?) I had a minute where I was pretty excited about Christmas, but that has passed, and now I'm sort of just looking forward to turning the calendar to January.

A fresh start.

And more episodes of Scandal.


Stace said...

I don't watch TV either. I must catch up to find out what happened on Thanksgiving! :)

Sabrina! said...

Adding Scandal to my list of shows I need to watch! I'm really bad at binge-watching because I can't focus or sit still... my therapist actually recommended that I force myself to watch an hour of TV a night without moving. Not a bad homework assignment :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think there are times in our life when we have to let other hobbies fall to the side and get into something, like a tv show. I did that once when I watched the entire series of Felicity in the span of like 2 months. I hope that you get your mojo for working out and reading back, though!

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