Thursday, December 04, 2014

How about a list?

Alternate title for this entry: I Need a Break From Writing About Last Thursday

1. Serial: still obsessed
2. Scandal: were you wondering where I was and what I was up to in the blogless stretch of days following Thanksgiving? Watching Scandal. In my bed. I started the series just last week (I've been meaning to for months) and it has basically become a full-time job.
3. Christmas shopping: always a struggle.
4. Christmas everything else: I have decked the halls. I am feeling exceptionally merry. Smiling's my favorite.
5. Work: I am either killing it or I am a lazy slug and must force myself to work and there is nothing between these two extremes. Right now I'm killing it. Killing it always feels better.
6. Snacks: all the snacks, all the time.
7. My hair: looks exceptionally good today.
8. Remind me: to write about my recent, unusual lack of sentimentality.
9. Finally: read that F'book message from my mom's friend's son. As I had feared, he asked me out. As he probably expected on account of my not opening his message for three weeks, I politely declined. 
10. Curious: about what's happening in your lives. Any news to report, friends?


JBean said...

Hmm I hope you're doing ok since your sister found your blog. Some of my fam/friends read mine and I've kept it hidden from a few key individuals. Still I feel I can't always be completely open Bc I don't know who's reading it.
In other news was supposed to go on a Tinder date tonight and the guy never made reservations or decided where to eat so it obv didn't happen. He did however text me an hour before the said date was supposed to occur to ask if we were still 'on'. Ummm for what?!?! So there's a fun update for you :)

bluemoon said...

Serial remains SO compelling. I'm going to be so sad when this season ends, though intrigued by the real life goings on now.

Cheers for good hair days!

Stace said...

I'm back......kinda

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