Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This is not a college football blog but please allow me (and Sabrina) one brief celebratory moment.

It was a long and painful football season for this UM alumna. Very long. Very painful. Crushing. Humiliating. Bad.

When I was a student (2000-04), I genuinely thought the football team wasn't that great. Mostly because they didn't win a national championship. Mostly because I only had one chance to rush the field after a big win. That's how high the expectations are for UM football.

It took a few recent, painful seasons to realize how good I had it.

Today, Jim Harbaugh was hired as the new coach at UM.

Everyone connected to the University -- students, fans, alumni -- is thrilled.

Christmas came a little late this year.

And our present came wrapped in khakis. 


bluemoon said...

LOL, congrats! He's a good coach. :)

Sabrina! said...

Woohoo!!!! Looking forward to the anticipated turnaround of Michigan football. It wasn't so hot when I was there either :)

Also, here he is on Saved By The Bell which is just amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuKrcjskQiU

Jaime said...

As a lifelong 49ers fan I'm crushed by this move but happy for you! Let our bone-headedness be your good fortune. Happy New Year...please don't go private. I rarely comment but would miss checking in

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