Monday, December 29, 2014

Blogging & My Bad Attitude

I am still undecided on what to do about the current state of my blog.

My grandiose plan was to make the change (I have spent time trying to convince myself otherwise but staying completely the same is not feasible) by the new year, but I have not made a decision.

I find it terribly easy to avoid making a decision when my feet aren't being held to the fire.

My feet aren't being held to the fire. I have yet to experience any horrible fallout from the existence of this humble little blog, so I am mostly in denial.

In denial and so busy. So busy binge watching television shows* and feeling mildly blue and not going to the gym and sleeping really poorly. (I am certain all of these things and also my diet of 93% chocolate are not related.)

I need to get back to the gym, you guys. And stop this mild television addiction. And make a decision about my future as a blogger.

So many places in my life where I need to improve. Just in time for new year's resolutions. How terribly convenient!

Which reminds me that, in the ruckus that surrounded my sister finding out about my blog from a stranger on Thanksgiving morning, I never wrote a gratitude post. Here's what I was grateful for in November: the 10 years that my sibling didn't know about the blog that I didn't want her to know about.

Yep. Still a little bitter.


I promise plenty of warning before I vacate this space or lock it up behind a password.

And I promise a new attitude in the new year, too. I can't be the only one sick of Crabby Aly.

*Have I watched the entire series of Scandal, a season of The Americans and a season of Homeland since Thanksgiving? I have.


ALYS said...

You've just reminded me to stop binge watching TV, stop my diet of chocolate and head back into the gym. Eurgh, after New Year - the start of a new resolution?

I hope you don't disappear. I do love reading your blog!

gloriason said...

I wanted to add my voice to those who hope you continue blogging. Happy New Year, Aly and here's hoping that 2015 is your year in all ways.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Find a way to keep blogging! Please?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aly
I really hope you continue blogging. You have great insight and you are delightful.

Best to you in 2015

Kay in California

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