Tuesday, December 02, 2014

An Open Letter to My Sister

Hey, man.

If you haven't gone looking for my blog again after what happened on Thanksgiving, then we might not even be related. Or you got all of the self-restraint genes and I got all of the nosy ones.

But I expect that you're curious and I understand why.

I owe you an explanation. I got blindsided on Thursday morning and I handled it poorly and I'm really sorry.

I've been blogging for just short of an eternity. I started writing when I was just out of college and confused about being a grownup. I'm still confused about being a grownup and it turns out that I quite enjoy writing on a regular basis, so I've kept it up.

I call you Meg here. (You know why.)

I have written things that would piss you off. And make you laugh. I have written about little things that you would never remember and big stuff that you couldn't forget.

It's all here.

This blog was never meant to be read by you, our family, my friends. It was private. And public. (I recognize that is a massive contradiction.) You weren't supposed to find out from a stranger. You weren't supposed to find out at all. 

But you did.

Read if you want. I would prefer that don't but I will not stop you.

Because, as you're well aware, I have never been any good at telling you no. 

Team Fantastic forever. xoxo


gloriason said...

You only told the truth as you experienced it. I have a pretty cool sister too and it would have been impossible to tell the story of my life and not have been upset at her a time or two, which is more than balanced out by all the wonderful things you have said about Meg. Hang in there So Midwestern! Your raw truth is so refreshing.

Sabrina! said...

blogging is an amazing forum, and I know what you mean about it being both private and public. Only a few of my "real life" friends know my blog and I've asked that if they share, not to link it back to me. I write things in my blog that I've never vocalized to another person, even my therapist. So I can understand how panic-inducing it must have been when you were 'outed.'

Lynn said...

At least you didn't out yourself by mistake like I did; that's how relatives found out about mine! Glad you're back though.

Anonymous said...

I think that ultimately, you're going to have to have an in-person conversation with Meg about it.

My boyfriend runs a forum that's devoted to his main hobby, and I know (because he's mentioned it) that he's talked about other things to the people there, including things related to us. I decided really early on that I wasn't going to visit the site except when I'm invited to do so. I felt that it was important for that to be his space. He's sent me links to threads a few times and I've visited the site on those occasions, but on a day-to-day basis, I don't go there. It's his space, and I think it's important to respect that.

And maybe that's where you want things to be with Meg? It seems like it would be a good idea for you to think about what you want her to do/not do when it comes to the blog. And then talk about it with her. She seems like a reasonable person-- she may be willing to respect this as your space if you ask her to.

Accidentally Me said...

But, um, Hi Meg:-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, I hope your sister is understanding about this... I think you've handled it about as well as anyone can handle something like this. I really hope you can find a way to keep this space going and still be true to yourself/your family/etc.

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