Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I went to Brazil.
I bought a condo.
I moved out of my cousin Liz's house.
I became addicted to a podcast.
I got a raise.
I didn't read enough.
I wrote about pie crust.
I saw Beyoncé and Jay Z in concert.
I got a new nickname.
I lost a boy who I never really had.
I threw a wedding shower.
I eHarmonized for a minute.
I went to the Kentucky Derby and didn't lose money.
I had a few scary moments with my grandpa.
I ran a half marathon.
I got a new car.
I turned 32.
I wrapped up the first year at my job. 
I blew out my knee.
I considered getting a dog.
I saw Motown the Musical.
I made some progress.
I had some setbacks.
I made it through.

Happy New Year, friends! 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'd say you packed a lot into a year! Buying a condo is huge, and that picture project was a big accomplishment, too. 2014 was very awesome for me but very chaotic and hectic at times so I would be ok with less things happening in 2015. :)

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