Sunday, November 02, 2014


It was Friday afternoon. Halloween. 4:30 pm.

I was desperately over my workweek. It was slow. I was looking for something to do that didn't require me to be in my office or interact with the public. Or my employees. Or anyone.

It seemed like a good time to tackle a few tasks that I had been putting off for months. It also seemed like a good time to stop by Tim Horton's for a coffee. That was how I decided to take a bunch of computer equipment to be recycled.

(I don't know if my predecessor had people save everything or what but, like, we have three keyboards for every one computer in the place. It's insane.)

I'm in the storage unit, which is on the City's property and where a lot of computer equipment has gone to die. I found a huge box with a printer inside, decided that it was garbage, picked it up, turned to leave, knocked over a very heavy shelving unit in the process.

Onto my foot. Right onto my foot.

And obviously I wear some flimsy ass ballet flats to work because that's what I do.

I drop the box.

I say every foul word that's ever been said, plus a few that I made up.

And I break two toes.

Of COURSE I break two toes.

Okay, actually, I'm not 100% certain of my broken toe status because I really didn't want to spend my Halloween at an occupational urgent care clinic and what's to be done with a broken toe, anyway? (I promise I will go if I continue to have pain/problems.)

But I'm pretty sure that those toes are, indeed broken. They look like this.

If you don't quite understand my artistic rendering, here is a legend to my pain.

Lovely timing, really. I'm finally getting to the end of physical therapy for my knee. I joined another soccer team 20 hours before. I was making plans to register for the annual Thanksgiving run that I do with my sister and my cousins. I was looking forward to getting back into a gym routine. I was looking even more forward to stopping feeling sorry for myself.  

Then I go and knock a damn bookcase onto my foot.

Which nicely sums up the fall of 2014.

I can't catch a break.  


JBean said...

Oh noooooo!!! I'm so sorry to read this. I will say a million prayers they're not broken!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, that is soooo awful. You just cannot catch a break! I hope your toes heal fast, this is the last thing you need!

Accidentally Me said...

Oh, no!!! That's terrible...but we can share broken toe stories when the bruising goes away;-)

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