Monday, November 24, 2014


This is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year. I'm not even pretending to be productive. I took two hours off of work this afternoon to get my hair cut and colored. Tomorrow is a normal workday; I'm going to make an appearance for just a few hours on Wednesday and I am taking Friday off.

I need ample time to be thankful. 

I love Thanksgiving. I love the food, I love the premise of the holiday, I love that it only requires a few days of preparation rather than a whole month of running around and shopping and decorating and madness.

And I love Pie Night.

Pie Night is also the biggest bar night of the year. Or that's what I hear. I've never been to the bar on the night before Thanksgiving because I'm too busy baking pies. 

On the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, my mom and dad's house turns into a loud pie factory. 

The process of making pies isn't so loud, but our pie makers are. 

The pie makers include: my sister, Meg, and me and our mom and several of our cousins (the attendees vary from year to year but my cousins Emma and Liz never miss) and whatever friends decide to drop by. We always eat nachos for dinner. There's usually a dance party in the kitchen. We always stay up too late. And we never really care that we do.

Meg and I run a 10k on Thanksgiving morning every year that starts far too early. She complains every year. She suggests that we run it every year. 

When we're done running, we order up a true Detroit delicacy to take home for breakfast: coney dogs. 

So much tradition before we even get to the meal and the family and the thankfulness. 

It's a good week. 

If you celebrate, what's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

If you don't celebrate: you should have a piece of pie on Thursday anyway. 

You can never go wrong with pie. 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love your family's pie making tradition! How fun! I am really excited for Thanksgiving as it's one of my most favorite meals of the year. As far as my favorite part of the holiday, it's a toss up between the meal (my favorite dish is stuffing) and the post-meal games we play.

ALYS said...

I wish we had Thanksgiving in the UK, it always seems like a lovely moment to have a family/friends gathering to say 'thanks' for special moments. I'm most definitely going to make a pie for Thursday now. Any recommendations?

A said...

Pumpkin or pecan if you're itching to follow Thanksgiving traditions (with my family, anyway) -- otherwise maybe a berry pie? Oh, heavens, any flavor will do. Pie is the best.

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