Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My sister, Meg, got a dog 18 months ago. He is sweet and cute and well behaved and her best friend. She is obsessed with him.

A few weeks ago, she agreed to foster a dog from the same rescue. She is cute and sweet and a little less well behaved.

That sweet and cute but mischievous dog got me thinking about getting a dog of my own. I have always insisted that I'm not home enough for a dog. Now that I live two miles from work, I am out of excuses.

Meg's sweet and cute but mischievous dog found a new family.

And then Lucy sends me the information for a sweet and cute and old dog.

Every time I look at her picture, I want to cry a little. She's 10 and her owner has to give her up because he's moving into a nursing home. Senior dogs have a hard time getting adopted because, well, they're old and that brings me to the real reason that I keep holding off on getting a dog.

Because dogs die.

(This is where my mother would remind me that people die, too. And we wonder about my relationship issues!)

I barely survived when my childhood pets died. Let alone my own dog. One that I would potentially only have for a couple of years. And going through it all by myself.   

Maybe when you cry just thinking about getting a dog it's a sign that you're not ready to get a dog.


bluemoon said...

I have had the same thoughts about getting a senior dog, but I would definitely do it if I wasn't gone for 12 hours a day. The unconditional love and gratitude of a more mature dog is indescribable, especially since, as you pointed out, they have a harder time finding a home. This particular story gets me,too-the dog's person having to give him up because of moving into a nursing home. That has to be so devastating for the man.

Everything dies----it's about the joy you get while they're here. I've lost two beloved pets in the last couple of years and I would still do it again in a heartbeat knowing how hard that is. Something to think about!

Danielle said...

I love older dogs, they are sweet and kind, and much more grateful for a warm place to sleep. Also, sure, they die and you will be sad, but think how nice it would be for the dog to spend its last few years with you!!

That makes me teary, I think you should foster with intent to adopt (typically a 2 week thing) and see how it goes!!

Julie said...

Do it!! Please open your home & heart to that senior dog. The love that you will get from him in the remainder of his life will triumph the pain of his loss. Sure, losing them is hard but you do get to a place where thoughts of them don't only make you sad. You will be so glad you made a difference in his life!

Accidentally Me said...

Do it! Yes, you are going to cry when he dies and it will be a miserable couple of days...but, a week later, you will just be be so incredibly happy to have known that dog...

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