Friday, November 21, 2014


...because that's how this week is going. Fast.

It was one of those workweeks where you're juggling and juggling and drinking coffee and checking your schedule every 20 minutes because you're probably forgetting something and juggling and more juggling.

Also the week has been crazy because I made it crazy. I can't help myself sometimes. Sure, I'll sub for your team's 11:15 pm Thursday night soccer game after playing hockey on Tuesday night and two soccer games on Wednesday night. What else would I be doing? Sleeping? Please. (I would totally be sleeping.)

I finally bought a kitchen table.

I also got a Christmas tree. Which I am strangely excited about. Is that what happens when you're a homeowner? Or is this a symptom of your 30s? Because I have never had a desire to decorate for Christmas before.

I brought dinner to Lucy and Chet's house on Wednesday night. Their boys are so sweet and wild.

Listened to Serial. Thought it was the saddest episode yet.

Continued to ignore the Facebook message from Mom's friend's son.

Still thinking about that dog. Or another dog, if that one has found a home.

Finished a book. Made chili. Meant to paint my nails but never got around to it. Invited a friend to our annual Pie Night. Scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut.

And now: I am off to Chicago for the weekend. Mom, Meg and I are taking Grandma and Grandpa for a quick visit to see family and attend my cousin's daughter's first birthday party. I expect that I will return home with many stories. About Grandpa. About Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed. And, if I'm lucky, about how the weekend went much better than I expected.


JBean said...

Haha still avoiding the Facebook message from that guy?! As one who actively uses avoidance tactics in certain areas of my life, I sympathize. Have a fun weekend and bundle up!!

Danielle said...

Serial was sad this week. I don't really know what to make of it yet, but I'm going to listen to it again during my long drive tomorrow I think.

I'm just waiting to put up my tree. I have a gold glitter and tinsel tree that I bought at Target 2 years ago. It is only 5 feet tall, but I love it. Maybe I'll put it up tonight, fuck it, you've inspired me!

Also, this week has been way too busy!! Maybe its a week before the holiday side effect?

ALYS said...

Everyone is talking about Serial, it hasn't made its way to the UK yet (officially) but I'm going to have to catch it!

I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

I want to put up my Christmas tree now! Every year, I feel less and less inclined to decorate the house, but i find that it's more because I spend less time at home and just don't have the 'family' atmosphere for the holidays anymore, just because I live alone... Who knows?

k said...

The Slate has a podcast about the Serial podcast. It is pretty good :) And they are having one this week even though there is no new Serial.

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